16 Multi Points IR Touch Screen Frame For Video Wall

16 Multi Points IR Touch Screen Frame For Video Wall

16 Multi Points IR Touch Screen Frame For Video Wall Details Touch specifications Reliability Electrical Specifications Storage Conditions Why choose us? Strong points 1 --- Sizes can be customized Size from 86~580 inch for option, can...

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Product Details

16 Multi Points IR Touch Screen Frame For Video Wall

Touch Frame Details

Touch specifications

Active Area(Display Device)90~500 inch
Housing(Only limited profile shipments)Aluminum Alloy
Housing Color(Only limited profile shipments)Black
Response Time<15ms
Frame Rate125Hz
Touch Accuracy&plusmn;2mm(over 90% Area)
Input MethodFinger,Finger cover by glove,Opaque objects
Output FormCoordinate Value
Touch DurabilityUnlimited
Minimum Object Sizes For TouchSingle Touch6mm
Multi Touch8mm
TTL Serial Port



Low temperature operationTemperature:-20&ordm;C, time:48H
Low temperature startTemperature:-20&ordm;C, time:4H
Low temperature storageTemperature:-20&ordm;C, time:48H
High temperature operation testTemperature:60&ordm;C, time:48H
High temperature, high humidity operationTemperature:60&ordm;C, humidity:95%RH, no condensation, time:48H
High temperature, high humidity storageTemperature:60&ordm;C, humidity:95%RH, no condensation, time:48H
Temperature change testTemperature:-20&ordm;C~60&ordm;C, Loop number:10 times, Speed:1&ordm;C/min
Thermal Shock TestHigh temperature:85&ordm;C, low temperature:-45&ordm;C,50&ordm;C cycles
Packing vibration TestFrequency:5~200H, power spectral density: 0.015G2/Hz, total RMS acceleration:1.57G, vibration mode: random vibration
Package drop testA corner three side six-faces
ESD levelAccording to IEC61000-4-2 level B. Contact discharge 4 KV, air discharge 8 KV


Electrical Specifications

Communication TypeUSB2.0 Full Speed
Transmission Rate12Mbps
Power SupplyUSB
Working VoltageDC 5V&plusmn;5%
Average Current<300mA


Storage Conditions

Storage Temperature-10&ordm;C~40&ordm;C
Storage Humidity30%~70%RH
Storage Time6 Months


IR touch frame factory.png

Why choose us?

Strong points 1 --- Sizes can be customized

Size from 86~580 inch for option, can meet all customers' size requirements.

IR touch frame.jpgIR touch frame 1.png



Strong points 2 --- USB plug and play

It is no need driver, USB plug and play. Can be calibrated.

USB IR touch frame.jpg


Strong points 3 --- Up to 20 points touch

IR touch ten points touch (Up to 20 points). Response time is less than 10ms. It can operated by fingers, fingers cover by glove, or any opaque objects.

IR touch frame.png

IR touch screen frame-0161117-01_.png


Strong points 4 --- Supports most of OS

Windows OS.jpg

Strong points 5 --- Easy to install and uninstall

installation touch frame.png


Strong points 6 --- Supports Alibaba Trade Assurance Order

Alibaba Trade Assurance Order will keep the buyer's money safe until they get the orders.

trade assurance-.png






Touch Frame Packing







Q: What is the warranty?
A: 1 year free with spare parts not including shipping cost(artificial problem would not be included as free warranty).


Q: Does the touch frame need driver
A: It is free driver, USB plug and play.

Q: Is compatible with android 4.0 or more?
A: So far, it is compatible with android 5.1(this will be updated timely) As well as, it supports windows xp\windows7\8\10\linux ubantu\Mac.

Q: Is customized IR touch frame acceptable?
A: Yes, we can customize IR touch frame as per your dimensions. Please provide the active size of touch area and we will make a drawing for you.

Q: How to mount the touch screen on the monitor?
A: We will provide you 3M double sided tapes or brackets.

Q: Can you send IR touch frame with glass or without glass?
A: For small size 15&rdquo; to 24&rdquo; is with glass. For sizes from 26&rdquo; or bigger, we suggest to ship without glass.

Q: How to calibrate the touch?
A: Firstly, you can calibrate it by &ldquo;TABLET PC&rdquo; under windows system. If it can&rsquo;t work accurately, please let us know.We will send you calibration software to adjust.

Q: How to install the touch frame?
A: We will provide an installation instruction or video to you.


Q: How to contact us?
A: - Email: sale6(at)u-touch.com.cn
    - Skype: Cerria Lee
    - WhatsApp: +8618824867022


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