75 Inch DLED Touch Smart Whiteboard Video Conference Interactive Flat Panel

75 Inch DLED Touch Smart Whiteboard Video Conference Interactive Flat Panel

It integrates TV,computer,interactive whiteboard,projector into A big touch screen panel. There are 2 solutions for clients,both education and conference. Main features: Multi touch 10 points Aluminum alloy outer frame Dual system android & win 10 Interactive whiteboard software Screen projector

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Product Details

75 inch DLED Touch Smart Whiteboard Video Conference Interactive Flat Panel

interactive touch mmonitor

Main Functions And Details

  1. Multi-touch function, easy to drag, zoom and rotate the object.
    2. Handwriting input function and supporting double pen simultaneous operation.
    3. Extensible OPS computer to realize all-in-one function.
    4. Intelligent user interface, easy to operate.
    5. Multimedia interface, with film, music, pictures and text playback function, support U disk, USB mobile hard disk, MP3, cardreader and other USB storage devices.
    6. A variety of audio and video effects.
    7. Large screen display, with high resolution and excellent color accuracy, can provide dynamic display area, automatically adjust the size.
    8. Separate auditory function.
    9. Supporting a variety of computer display formats, and having the function of adaptive display.
    10. With smart USB interface, automatic switching between Android and PC.
    11. Automatic signal recognition function.
    12. Can be connected to the computer, audio and so on.
    13. Supporting whiteboard function, easy to write, erase, annotate and save, write fluently.

Operating systems: windows 8/7/xp,linux ,android,Mac OS x ...

Android & windows for interactive flat panel-1

Smart gestures: erazing,zooming,dragging

samar gesture control for interacitve smart board-1

Pluggable OPS:OPS I3 I5 I7 for options

OS for interactive touch display

Packing:cartons,wooden case,wooden frames:packing

Application areas: school,training center,broadcast site,hospital and other public places




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