Why Are Infrared Interactive Touch Screen Flat Panel Favored In The Education Industry?

- Mar 03, 2020-

Nowadays, looking at the entire education field, multimedia teaching has become the basic mode of "teaching" and "learning". In order to realize multimedia teaching, multimedia teaching equipment must be applied. Due to the continuous progress of the times, the continuous innovation of science and technology, the popularization of teaching equipment has also been updated several times.

In the development of many teaching equipments, the most representative should be a complete set of multimedia equipment consisting of "computer + console + projector + projection screen". However, this set of multimedia teaching equipment can't keep up with the current trend. Problems such as complicated wiring, troublesome installation, unclear projection, and difficult operation cannot be solved, which makes it gradually exit the teaching stage. Replaced by the infrared teaching touch all-in-one that is now popular in the entire education field.

The infrared screen touch all-in-one has a new technology of ultra-narrow sides and a new design of ultra-thin body. It not only combines multi-function, the screen display size is large, but also the color performance is more realistic. Therefore, it is very popular in the education industry and is widely used in multimedia classrooms, video classrooms, conference rooms and other places. It is the first choice for educational users to purchase teaching equipment.

The main reasons why the infrared interacitve touch screen flat panel is favored in the education industry are as follows:

First, easy installation and simple wiring

The infrared interactive touch flat panel product is different from the previous teaching whiteboard teaching mode. Too many devices need to be connected, so the wiring is cumbersome and the installation is troublesome. It integrates computer, TV, touch screen, audio and other functions in one, with very simple wall-mounted bracket installation or mobile bracket installation, only one power cord is needed, and teaching can be easily carried out with one machine in hand, eliminating a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Second, infrared touch, easy operation

The touch screen of the infrared interactive touch screen flat panel uses infrared true multi-touch. The technology is mature and stable, and there is no disconnection in writing. There is no need to touch a special pen. Touch operation can be easily achieved with fingers or stick-like objects. No pressure, even people who are not too familiar with computer operation can easily operate. In addition, the infrared touch screen has undergone special processing, and has the characteristics of anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, anti-shock and anti-shock, etc., and the screen is anti-reflective, the display is not affected by optical effects, and the image is clearer after longer use.

Three, complete functions, effortless maintenance

The teaching interactive flat panel integrates a variety of application equipment functions in one, and comes with teaching whiteboard software, rich in resources; it is equipped with an unlimited network receiver at the factory to facilitate connection to the network at any time for teaching. As an all-in-one machine, it can save a lot of manpower and material resources in terms of capital investment in the early stage and maintenance and use in the later stage.

Someone may ask, why not interactive touch display without a capacitor? Isn't capacitive touch screen technology better? Because the size of the teaching touchs screen flat panel generally more than 55 inches, and the capacitive touch screen flat panel can not be made large, so the infrared interactive touch screen flat panel has become an inevitable choice for educating users.

For more information about the size, please refer to Huizhou U-touch infrared touch screen display. The sizes are 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and 86 inches. In addition to educational applications, there are touch displays for conferences.

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