Which Is Better Between Conference Touch Flat Panel And Interactive Whiteboard

- Apr 30, 2020-

With the widespread use of interactive whiteboards and conference touch flat panels in government meetings, education and training, many people have questions. These two products have similar functions and similar uses. Which one should I choose? Today, let's compare the common interactive whiteboard with the recently popular conference touch flat panel.

Operation comparison

The interactive whiteboard system is mainly composed of 6 parts: projector, computer, USB cable, interactive whiteboard, touch pen (finger) and whiteboard software. The interactive whiteboard is both a display screen and a computer touch screen. It is connected to the computer through a USB cable, and the video signal of the computer screen is projected onto the white board through the projector. Through software calculation, the touch position and the white board The mouse information of the computer is synchronously corresponded to realize the two-way interactive communication and operation between the whiteboard and the computer. Facing an interactive whiteboard is like facing a larger computer monitor, while an touch pen (finger) controls the monitor freely like a mouse.

 Interactive witeboard 19

Conference touch flat panel is simpler and more convenient, a screen can replace projectors, projection screens, interactive whiteboards, computers and other equipment. The conference touch flat panel is like a touch-screen computer with built-in Android system or Windows system. You can directly insert a USB flash drive or connect the computer with a data cable to display files on the screen. You can also use the electronic pen or fingers to operate the conference like a mouse to control the computer. flat.

 built in camera touch display 4

Comparison of display effect

The interactive whiteboard has the function of a projection screen, which can be used as a projector screen to play computer video, PPT, images, etc. Compared with ordinary projection screens, interactive whiteboards have lower light absorption, higher color reproduction, and clearer pictures. However, when people stand in front of the projector, shadows will still be projected on the screen, which will affect the display effect.


The display function of the conference touch flat panel is more "special". It does not rely on the projector to project light onto the screen, but on the screen's own light source. Without the "intermediary" of projection, the light is brighter, without the need to draw curtains or turn off the lights. You can also see the screen clearly.

In addition, there are some differences in the resolution of the two products. The projector equipped with the interactive whiteboard is generally 1024x768 or 1280X800 resolution, and the conference touch flat panel is 1920X1080 resolution. 84-inch and 98-inch conference touch flat panels even use 4K ultra-high-definition screens with a resolution of 3840X2160, that is, the same area In the application environment of the conference, the picture quality of the conference touch flat panel is better, and the details are more delicate.


Touch writing contrast

The writing function of the interactive whiteboard and the conference touch flat panel are very similar. Both can use the electronic pen or finger to write on the screen, and both have a comment mode and a special writing page. In the annotation mode, you can draw and circle on the page content; in the dedicated writing page, you can write on the board like an ordinary whiteboard, and you can zoom in, zoom out, move, erase the written content, change the thickness of the adjustment pen and Color, and change the background color.


Comparison of other functions

In addition to the above two major functions, the interactive whiteboard and conference touch flat panel also have many similar functions, such as one-click screen capture, multimedia playback, remote video and other functions. However, the conference touch flat panel has one more "unique" function than the interactive whiteboard-multi-screen interaction.

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