What Is The Difference Between Interactive Touch Screen Flat Panel And Interactive Whiteboard

- Apr 09, 2020-

With the advancement of technology, the traditional chalk blackboard teaching has been gradually eliminated, because its dust pollution is very detrimental to teachers ’health, and the traditional teaching is difficult to attract students’ attention in the class, and the classroom interaction and fun are also difficutl to improve.

interactive touch screen interactive whiteboard

In the face of the current problems, many education departments strongly support schools to purchase modern technology products such as interactive touch screen flat panels or interactive whiteboards, but many people don’t understand their differences. Let’s sort them out.

Interactive touch screen flat panels:

Sometimes,we call it interactive displa, interactive touch screen or interactive touch screen all-in-one.It integrates functions such as large-screen high-definition display, projector, PC, electronic whiteboard, TV, and stereo. As long as it is connected to power, it can be directly touched on the tablet, which is equivalent to a large-sized tablet.

Interactive whiteboard:

At present, the interactive whiteboard in the market usually refers to an interactive electronic whiteboard. It connects to a computer and uses the projector to project the content on the computer to the whiteboard screen, and uses a specific pointing pen to replace the mouse and keyboard to operate on the whiteboard face. .

The application environment is different:

Limited by the working principle, the interactive whiteboard cannot be used in the environment of strong outdoor light and is mostly installed in the classroom and meeting room with the projector.

The interactive touch screen flat panel has the characteristics of anti-glare. It can be installed either on a wall or on a mobil stand. The brightness can be adjusted according to users’needs.the application range is wide. The resources can be maximized.

The display effect is different:

The interactive whiteboard relies on reflection to emit light and the brightness is low. It is usually necessary to close the curtains, close the doors and windows to reduce the overall brightness of the environment to see the screen clearly. The interactive touch scree flat panel is an LCD / LED liquid crystal screen, which can be easily adjusted to the appropriate brightness to avoid eye fatigue caused by the dark screen.

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