What Is The Development Prospect Of The Interactive Touch Display Market?

- Jan 14, 2021-

In the intelligent age society, the interactive touch display industry has emerged and developed rapidly in just a few years. Interactive touch display products are widely used in various industries and have a broad market prospect. Many manufacturers have taken a fancy to the development potential of the interactive touch display industry, and have joined this market. Various interactive touch display products are constantly emerging and competition is very fierce. Since the interactive touch display is an electronic touch product with human-computer interaction functions, it integrates computer, TV, touch screen, Internet, multimedia, audio and other equipment functions in one, and it can also be expanded according to the different needs of users. The hardware external devices and various application software of the company have strong environmental adaptability, so applications in many fields are very popular, and they are constantly exploring new markets.

In the education field, the interactive touch display has become the mainstream of teaching application equipment. The traditional teaching method of projector plus electronic whiteboard or blackboard has not kept up with the trend of the development of the times, and is gradually being eliminated by the market. According to incomplete statistics, in just a few years, the number of interactive touch displays used in the teaching field has exceeded 100,000, but this figure only accounts for less than 5% of the national education application equipment. In the future, the market scale of all-in-one touch display in the teaching field may generate a market scale of tens of billions.

For an enterprise, efficiency is very important, which is related to an enterprise's ability to act and develop. The previous corporate conference mode was generally an expansion mode of a computer and a projector. The conference host needed to operate the computer while explaining, which was extremely inconvenient. The content displayed by the projector is not clear enough, the lights are turned off or the curtains are drawn, the enthusiasm of the participants is not enough, the atmosphere of the meeting is not active, and the overall efficiency of the meeting is not high. The emergence of interactive touch displays has made this phenomenon a great change. The multi-touch conference system will also become the focus of the market. With video communication software, multi-touch LCD screen + video conference system can realize remote Functions such as office, remote meeting, and remote interactive communication make meeting exchanges richer, more humane, and easier to share information.

Due to the emergence and wide application of interactive touch displays, many industries have used it to replace the original manual services. Because the interactive touch display is very convenient and simple for users to directly touch the screen, it is used in many fields to provide various users with efficient and convenient information query services. Applications are very popular in our lives. They can be seen in large shopping malls, hotels, banks, hospitals, enterprises, libraries, exhibition halls, restaurants, communities, toll booths, schools, and many other fields. It is believed that as the technology continues to mature and improve, the quality of the products will be better, the functions will be more, and the fields that can be applied will be more extensive. In the future, it may spread to every corner of our lives, and it will lead to the era of interactive touch displays.

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