What Is Multi-touch Technology

- Apr 08, 2020-

People are not unfamiliar with touch technology. Most bank ATMs have touch screen functions. Many hospitals, libraries, and other halls have computers with touch technology. There are many mobile phones, MP3s, and digital cameras that support touch screens.

However, these existing touch screens are single-point touches, which can only recognize and support one finger touch and click at a time. If more than two points are touched at the same time, the correct response cannot be made. Multi-touch technology can decompose the task into two aspects of work, one is to collect multi-point signals at the same time, and the other is to judge the meaning of each signal, so-called gesture recognition, so as to realize the screen recognition of five people Click and touch actions made simultaneously by fingers.

Multi touch screen

Features of multi-touch:

1. Multi-touch is a multi-point or multi-user interactive operation mode on the same display interface, abandoning the single-point operation mode of keyboard and mouse.

2. The user can single-touch with both hands, or touch the screen with different gestures such as clicking, double-clicking, panning, pressing, scrolling, and rotating, etc. to achieve arbitrary control, so as to better understand the relevant characteristics of the object (text , Video, pictures, satellites, 3D simulation, etc.).

3. According to customer needs, the corresponding touch pad, touch software and multimedia system can be customized; it can be used in conjunction with professional graphics software.

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