U-Touch Interactive Touch Screen Monitor Leads The New Trend Of The School Teaching

- Jul 21, 2017-

The changes of the times are often related to the development of science and technology. Now, with the continuous development of science and technology, touch era has come, the old era is gradually being eliminated. For example, in the field of mobile phones, in the previous "Nokia era", the use of manual key operation of the Nokia brand mobile phone in the world can be described as dominate the entire mobile phone market, however, the continuous progress of technology, touch technology continues to develop, The birth of mobile phones and the rapid development of so far, more than 95% of consumers are using smart touch phone, "Nokia era" has basically quit the stage of history.

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Touch the arrival of the times, making the market was born a lot of electronic touch products, which touch one machine can be regarded as a very representative high-tech electronic touch products. With the increasing use of touch one machine, government, business, education, conferences and other fields of interactive presentation of the scene has undergone a fundamental change in all walks of life are a technical innovation. In the field of education that people are very concerned about, multimedia teaching touch one machine as an advanced teaching equipment, it is also popular, constantly updated teaching structure and teaching methods, leading the new trend of school teaching.

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Multimedia touch one set of computer technology, multimedia technology, industrial control technology, audio technology and other advanced technology for a multi-function equipment, perfect true 10 touch, support handwriting and multi-gestures, can quickly achieve a simple, convenient and practical people Machine interaction, is a use of screen touch operation of human-computer multimedia interactive terminal, touch precision, fast response, with superior anti-light interference ability, easy to maintain.

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Multimedia teaching touch screen monitor has basically replaced the traditional projector plus electronic whiteboard and the earliest use of the blackboard, the operation is very simple, a key to boot, with a touch operation instead of the mouse and keyboard, the flowers can be used to learn how to use 10 minutes , Even if the computer is not familiar with the operation of the teacher, but also easy to use to carry out teaching.

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Multimedia teaching touch screen monitor whiteboard software features teachers and students to completely get rid of the chalk dust pollution problems, is conducive to the physical health of teachers and students, a key to erase, only need a little light, the entire screen will be completely written content Clear, compared to the past to erase the entire blackboard chalk word, really too convenient. Equipped with up to 1920 * 1080 HD resolution large format LCD screen, with multimedia playback, the teacher can easily develop blackboard, video, PPT and other teaching content, but also increased the enthusiasm of the students make the classroom more lively and interesting, the overall increase The Efficiency of "Teaching" and "Learning".

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U-Touch interactive touch screen monitor with its illustrations, easy to use, etc., with the interactive software in addition to the field of education and teaching, business show, business meetings, advertising inquiries, game entertainment, industrial control, financial business, medical and more Industry, has also been widely recognized and applied.

Why does the interactive touch screen monitor can replace the projector?(five points)

1.Simplifies the multimedia device configuration. The previous school teaching or business meetings, multimedia display system needs to use the projector + computer + audio + projection screen, and now only need a touch screen machine can achieve a variety of functional requirements.

2.Eliminating the cumbersome wiring trouble. As the past, multimedia equipment needs too much, wiring is a very cumbersome process. And now, the use of multimedia touch one machine only need a power cord on it, the installation of fast and efficient use, reducing the installation and post-maintenance costs. And multimedia touch one machine are basically equipped with wireless WIFI function, do not pull the cable can be achieved online function.

3.The screen shows a clearer, real. Touch one machine using LED industrial LCD A screen, the screen resolution is 4-5 times the projector, showing a clearer, more realistic color. And not affected by light, even in the sun can also enjoy a clear picture, the end of the curtains of the "dark age." The display screen is also specially treated, with anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, anti-impact and so on.

4.The latter part of the low maintenance costs. Multimedia touch one machine is not only stylish design generous, simple and convenient operation, the service life is also far superior to the projector. In general, the projector's bulb after a long period of time need to be replaced, or will affect the display. Each time the replacement cost is very high, which undoubtedly increased the use of the latter part of the cost. And touch one machine life of up to 50,000 hours, other late use fee is almost no.

5.The use of powerful performance. Multimedia touch one machine in the use of functions, a collection of computers, television, electronic whiteboard, audio, display and other functions in one, the use of very convenient, and can complete the transmission and display synchronization. At the same time, touch one machine also has low power consumption, no pollution, small radiation, safe and reliable advantages. Faced with so many advantages of multimedia touch one machine, how the projector may not be eliminated. I believe that in the near future, although the application of the projector will certainly exist, but in school teaching, corporate conference training and other multimedia areas, multimedia touch one machine will completely replace the projector.

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