Touch Screens Main Types

- Nov 28, 2016-

From principle to distinguish between the touch screen can be divided into five basic categories: vector technology of pressure sensing technology touch screen, resistive touch screen, infrared technology, capacitive technology touch screen touch screen touch screen, surface acoustic wave technology. Which vector pressure sensing technology touch screen has exit history stage; infrared technology touch screen price low, but besides box easy broken, easy produced light interference, surface situation Xia distortion; capacitor technology touch screen design idea reasonable, but its image distortion problem hard get fundamental solution; resistance technology touch screen of positioning accurate, but its price quite high, and fear scraping easy loss; surface Sonic touch screen solution has past touch screen of various defects, clear not easy was damaged, for various occasions, Downside is the screen surface if there are water drops and dust touch screen will become slow, or even does not work.

Information is transferred in accordance with the principle of the touch screen and the media, the touch screen is divided into four, namely resistive, capacitive sensors, infrared and surface acoustic wave. Each type of touch screens has its own pros and cons, I want to know what kind of touch screen for what kind of occasions, key is to know how each type of touch-screen technology works and characters.

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