Touch Screen Troubleshooting

- Jun 02, 2017-

The touch screen is a transparent absolute coordinate positioning system, first of all it must be transparent, so it must be through the material technology to solve the transparent problem, like a digitizer, tablet, elevator switch, they are not touch screen; second it is absolute coordinates , The fingers touch which is not, do not need a second action, unlike the mouse, is a relatively positioning of a system, we can note that touch screen software do not need the cursor, the cursor has affected the user's attention, because the cursor is To the relative positioning of the equipment used, the relative positioning of the equipment to move to a place first to know where and where to go, Touch Screen every moment also need to keep the user feedback to the current location will not be biased The These are the absolute coordinates of the positioning of the touch screen is not needed; and then the next is to detect the finger touch action and determine the finger position, all kinds of touch screen technology is around the "touch finger touch" and the Eight Immortals cross the sea of supernatural powers.

Analysis and Treatment of Fault Symptom of Touch Screen

Fault 1: touch deviation

Phenomenon: The position touched by the finger does not coincide with the mouse arrow.

Analysis: After the installation of the driver, in the calibration position, there is no vertical touch the middle of the bull's-eye position. Touch Screen Remedy: Recalibrate the position.

Fault two: touch deviation

Phenomenon: some areas touch accurate, part of the regional touch is biased.

Analysis: surface acoustic wave touch screen around the sound reflection stripes above the accumulation of a large number of dust or scale, affecting the transmission of sound waves caused by the signal.

Treatment: clean the touch screen, Touch Screen with particular attention to the four sides of the touch screen sound reflection stripes clean, clean the touch screen control card power supply should be disconnected.

Fault three: touch no response

Phenomenon: When the screen touches the mouse arrow without any action, no change has occurred.

Analysis: cause this phenomenon for many reasons, the following one by one description:

(1) surface acoustic wave touch screen around the sound waves on the edge of the accumulation of dust or scale is very serious, resulting in the touch screen can not work.

(2) The touch screen has failed.

(3) The touch screen control card has failed.

(4) The touch screen signal line has failed.

(5) the computer host serial port failure.

(6) The computer's operating system has failed.

(7) touch screen driver installation error.

Touch screen failure and exclusion

1, the resistance screen touch the mouse only in a small area to move or resistance touch screen are not allowed. Usually in the first install the driver will appear this situation, Touch Screen please run the touch screen calibration program. The touch screen calibration program (start - program) must also be run after changing the monitor resolution.

2, the mouse has been on the display side of a point This is because the resistance screen touch area (resistance screen surface is divided into touch area and non-touch area two parts, click on non-touch area is no reaction) by the display shell or The cabinet shell is pressed, the equivalent of a point has been touched. Touch Screen If you are in the cabinet case, press the touch area. You can adjust the distance between the cabinet and the monitor screen. If you are holding the monitor case, you can try to loosen the screws of the monitor case. Contact our technical department.

3, the mouse hand touch the opposite direction of movement, which is touch screen control box and touch screen connected to the four-wire connector to turn the direction of the tune on it.

4, touch no response to check the connection of the touch screen is connected, one of which connects the host keyboard port connection (from the keyboard port to take 5 volt touch screen operating voltage) is not connected, please check the connection to observe the touch screen control box light situation, If it is not lit or a red light, it means that the control box is bad. If the confirmation is not the above please remove the touch screen driver and restart the computer to reinstall the driver, or replace the updated version of the driver.

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