Touch Screen Key Features

- Nov 28, 2016-

First touch screen features:

Transparent, it directly affects the touch-screen visual effects. Transparent has transparent of degree problem, infrared technology touch screen and surface Sonic touch screen only across has a layer pure glass, transparent can is leader, other touch screen this will good scrutiny a, "transparent", in touch screen industry in, just a very General of concept, many touch screen is multilayer of composite film, only with transparent is to General it of Visual effect is enough of, it should at least including four a characteristics: transparency, and color distortion degrees, and reflective sex and clarity, also can again points, Such as reflective levels including degree of specular reflection and diffraction reflection, but touch-screen reflective surface diffraction has not reached the level of CD disc, for the user, these four measures have been enough.

Touch screen on the second feature:

Touch screen is the absolute coordinate system, which directly points to select and mouse-the essential difference between this relative positioning system is a place of intuition. Absolute coordinate system of features is each a times positioning coordinates and Shang once positioning coordinates no relationship, touch screen in physical Shang is a independent of coordinates positioning system, each touch of data through calibration data to screen Shang of coordinates, such, on requirements touch screen this sets coordinates regardless of in what situation Xia, with is of output data is stable of, if not stable, so this touch screen on cannot guarantee absolute coordinates positioning, points no, this is touch screen most fear of problem: drift. On technology cannot guarantee with a little touch of each sampled the same touch screen, there is drift this issue, there is drift only capacitive touch screen.

The third features the touch screen:

Detect touch and positioning sensors to touch-screen technology is relying on its own work, and even some touch screen itself is a set of sensors. Respective positioning sensors used and the respective decisions touch screen response speed, reliability, stability and longevity.

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