Touch-screen Displays Are Responding Quickly

- Sep 28, 2017-

Touch screen display is also called "Touch Screen", "Touch panel is a kind of inductive liquid crystal display device which can receive the first-class input signal, when touching the graphic button on the screen, the tactile feedback system on the screen can drive various connecting devices according to the programmed program, which can be used to replace the mechanical button panel. Touch Screen Monitor And by the liquid crystal display screen to create a vivid audio-visual effect. As one of the newest computer input devices, touch-screen display is one of the simplest, convenient and natural man-machine interaction methods at present. Touch Screen Monitor It gives multimedia a new look and is an attractive new multimedia interactive device. Mainly used in public information inquiries, leadership office, Industrial Control, military command, video games, VOD order, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale.

Touch-screen display allows users to use their fingers to touch the computer screen with the image or text to achieve the host operation, Touch Screen Monitor so get rid of the keyboard and mouse operation, so that the human computer interaction more straightforward. Mainly used in public hall information inquiries, leadership office, video games, VOD order, multimedia teaching, ticket/train ticket pre-sale. Touch Screen Monitor Products are mainly divided into capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and surface acoustic touch screen display three categories.

Touch-screen display according to the media used and working principle, can be divided into resistive, capacitive, infra-red and surface acoustic wave types.

Touch-screen display is a new type of man-machine interaction input, compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse input mode, touch-screen display input more intuitive. With the recognition software, touch-screen display can also achieve handwriting input. The touchscreen monitor consists of a detection unit mounted in front of the monitor screen and a touchscreen display controller. When the finger or other object touches the touchscreen display on the front of the monitor, the touch position is detected by the touchscreen display controller and is sent to the host via an interface (such as a RS-232 serial port).

Touch-screen display and computer, projector together to form a large touch-screen display, Touch Screen Monitor the computer screen projector to the smart board, with a pointer or finger instead of the mouse on the smart board to operate the computer, control Windows or Macintosh and its application software.

Touch Screen Display Features

1, transparent, it directly affects the visual effect of touch screen display. Transparent transparency of the extent of the problem, infrared technology touch screen display and surface acoustic wave touch screen display is only a layer of pure glass, transparent can be considered a leader, other touch screen display this will be a good scrutiny, "transparent" in the touchscreen display industry, is a very general concept, Many touch-screen displays are multi-layer composite film, it is not enough to generalize its visual effect, it should include at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion, reflective and clarity, and can be divided, Touch Screen Monitor such as reflective degree including specular reflectance and diffraction reflection degree, Only touch-screen display surface diffraction reflection has not yet reached the extent of CD-ROM, for users, these four metrics have been almost enough.

2, touch-screen display is the absolute coordinate system, to choose the direct point that, and the mouse such a relative positioning system of the essential difference is the intuitive in place. Require touch-screen display this set of coordinates no matter in what circumstances, Touch Screen Monitor the same point of output data is stable, if unstable, then this touchscreen display can not guarantee absolute coordinate positioning, dot is not allowed, this is the most afraid of touch screen display problem: Drift. Technical principle generally can not guarantee the same touch every time sampled data the same touch screen display, there is drift this problem, there is currently drift phenomenon only capacitive touch screen display.

3. Detect touch and position. All kinds of touch screen display technology rely on their own sensors to work, and even some touch-screen display itself is a set of sensors. Touch Screen Monitor The respective positioning principles and their respective sensors determine the response speed, reliability, stability and longevity of the touchscreen display.

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