Touch Screen Applications

- Nov 28, 2016-

From technology principle angle,, touch screen is a transparent of absolute coordinates positioning system, first it must guarantee is transparent of, so it must through material technology to solution transparent problem, like digital instrument, and wrote Board, and elevator switch, they are not touch screen; second it is absolute coordinates, finger touch which is which, not need second a action, not like mouse, is relative positioning of a system, we can note to, touch screen software are not need cursor, has cursor instead effect user of attention, Since the cursor is for relative positioning of equipment used in the relative positioning of the device you want to move to a place you have to know where and which direction to go, all need constant feedback to the user current location without deviation. These to the absolute coordinates of the touch screen is not needed; then is able to detect finger touch gestures and judge finger position, various types of touch-screen technology is built around "detect fingers" Eight Immortals have done their best.

With the multimedia information query equipment increasing, people are increasingly talking about touch screens, touch-screen multimedia information query applies not only to China's national conditions, and the touch screen has a rugged, fast response, space saving and easy to Exchange and many other advantages. Using this technology, users lightly with your fingers on the computer screen image or text can achieve to host operation, so that the human-computer interaction more straightforward, this technology has greatly facilitated those who are not computer savvy users

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