The Usage Of Interactive Touch Flat Panel For Meeting

- Feb 21, 2020-

What can Interactive touch display do to improve conference efficiency? Meetings are very important for any company, business, or social organization, but subject to some subjective and objective influences, many meetings are inefficient and waste the time and energy of the participants. In this era of efficiency in everything, every company and company what can I do to improve the efficiency of the meeting. However, the subjective factors of the personnel can be adjusted by themselves, and the objective factors of the equipment need to take some effort to choose.

The Interactive touch display is a machine composed of a display screen and a computer operating system.We can usually operate the computer directly by hand or by touching the screen with some special touch screen tools.At the same time, these operation screens also pass through this screen Make a presentation.

In the conference, its intelligent writing function, wireless screen transmission function and remote video conference function have a good auxiliary role for meetings in various industries. As far as the education industry is concerned, there are more general information about conferences in the education industry, and there are more handwriting applications.In the past, the configuration of whiteboards and projections often separated the projection data from handwritten annotations, causing some records in the conference to be troublesome, or content appeared. Mistakes and comments. And sometimes there is more content and the position of the whiteboard is not enough, so you have to erase the previous content and write it again. When you want to call up the previous content later, you have to rewrite the book. At this point, the smart writing function of the interactive touch display is more convenient. Its white board function can provide large-area writing, automatic saving, and access at any time. Some other high-end interactive touch screen can also annotate with the page during ppt display. Writing directly in the material is more convenient for participants to understand the content, and even if the writing is wrong, it can be easily modified by gesture erasure. At the same time, there are also methods such as scan code storage, local storage, and U disk copy, which can easily take away the conference content, which is particularly convenient. There are also cloud storage services, and individuals have 2G of free space. In this way, when you need to discuss and edit at the second meeting, you can quickly call up the information. Not only are the education industry conferences, these functions are also quite practical in the education classroom, the teacher's classroom presentation is convenient and free, and students can easily scan the code to take notes after class.

  In addition to the highlight of smart writing, wireless screen transfer technology is also a god's aid in meetings.The wireless screen transfer technology of the conference tablet touch screen can support multiple devices to connect at the same time, quickly switch between screen projection devices, and supports 2 to 4 devices. The content is displayed in separate screens at the same time, which perfectly solves the flaws of data comparison during the meeting, and it is more convenient for the host to explain the materials and understand the participants.

The last feature to mention is the remote video function supported by some high-end interactive touch display.Using this function, remote meetings and remote training are particularly convenient.You can join the meeting after downloading the cloud conference software through a computer or mobile phone. The two people's schedules did not match, and the meeting date was repeatedly delayed, which further reduced some unnecessary funding.

Comprehensive analysis shows that the interactive touch screen display has the writing, projection and video functions, which is very helpful for meetings in any industry. To improve efficiency and save time at meetings, employees can have more energy to create greater value.

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