The Touch Screen Simplifies The Use Of The Computer

- Aug 16, 2017-

Touch screen is in the electrical system to do monitoring and operation with. You can display on the screen you want to see the parameters, you can set some of the buttons you want to use the screen to operate, Touch Screen to replace the reality of the button and so on.

Touch screen is actually an HMI (man-machine dialogue interface), built a relatively common configuration software compared to the simple local configuration software.

Touch screen contains HMI hardware and the corresponding dedicated screen configuration software, under normal circumstances, different manufacturers of HMI hardware using different screen configuration software, the main equipment is connected to the type of PLC. The configuration software is running on the PC hardware platform, Touch Screen windows operating system under a common tool software products, and PC or industrial computer together can also be composed of HMI products; general configuration software to support the type of equipment is very much, such as various PLC, PC board, instrument, inverter, module and other equipment, and because the PC hardware platform performance is strong (the main reaction in the speed and storage capacity), general configuration software function is also much stronger for large-scale monitoring System.

Touch screen can be applied to such as: KTV VOD system, restaurant menu, Touch Screen industrial control data collection feedback, terminal query machine (bank, mobile Unicom and other customer service), etc., can be regarded as one machine built a configuration software.

Touch screen as a new computer input device, it is the most simple, convenient, natural way of a human-computer interaction. It gives the multimedia to a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device. Touch Screen The use of touch screen in China is very broad, mainly public information inquiries; such as the bureau, tax bureau, banking, electricity and other departments of the business inquiries; urban street information query; also used in leading office, industrial control, military command, Video games, a la carte, multimedia teaching, real estate, such as pre-sale. In the future, the touch screen will go into the family.

With the increasing use of computers as a source of information, touch screen with its easy to use, durable, fast response, save space and so on, making system designers more and more feel the use of touch screen does have considerable advantages. Touch screen appears in the Chinese market so far only a few years time, this new multimedia device has not been for many people to contact and understand, including some are planning to use the touch screen system designers, but also the touch screen as a dispensable Of the equipment, from the popularization of the touch screen in developed countries and China's multimedia information industry is at the stage of view, this concept also has a certain universality. In fact, the touch screen is a multimedia information or control the facelift of the device, which gives the multimedia system with a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive devices. Touch Screen System designers in developed countries and China's first use of touch-screen system designers have made it clear that the touch screen for a variety of applications in the field of the computer is no longer a dispensable thing, but essential equipment. It greatly simplifies the use of the computer, even if the computer ignorant of the people, but also able to come in handy, so that the computer show a greater charm. Touch Screen To solve the public information market can not solve the problem of the computer.

Touch screen With the city to the direction of the development of information technology and computer networks in the national life of the infiltration, information query has been achieved with the touch screen - display the contents of the form can be touched.

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