The Touch Screen Display Has The Durable And Practical Characteristic

- Oct 16, 2017-

The touch-screen monitor consists of a detection part and a controller, which is mounted in front of the monitor screen, which detects the user's touch position and is sent to the touchscreen monitor controller. The main function of the controller is to receive the touch information from the touch point detection device and convert it to the contact coordinates and then send it to the CPU, Touch Screen Monitor which can also receive the commands from the CPU and execute it.

Touch-screen displays are divided into four types, namely resistive, capacitive inductive, infra-red and surface acoustic.

In terms of technical principles, touch-screen display is a transparent absolute positioning system, first of all it must be guaranteed to be transparent, so it must be through material technology to solve the problem of transparency, such as digitizer, WordPad, elevator switches, Touch Screen Monitor they are not touch-screen display, and then it is absolute coordinates, finger touch which is No need for a second action, unlike a mouse, is a system of relative positioning, we can notice that the touch screen display software does not need the cursor, the cursor is affecting the user's attention, because the cursor is to the relative positioning of the device, the relative positioning of the device to move to a place first of all to know where to go, in which direction to , Touch Screen Monitor you need to constantly give the user feedback on the current position to avoid deviations. These are not required to take the absolute coordinate positioning of the touchscreen display, followed by the ability to detect finger touch movements and determine the position of the finger, all kinds of touch-screen display integrated machine technology is around "detect finger touch" and eight recount.

The touch-screen display sets up a variety of functions and features such as TV computer, digital signage, multimedia audio, Internet service, beautiful industrial manufacturing technology and so on. Touch machine is widely used in education and teaching, commercial display, conference training, Touch Screen Monitor government agencies and many other fields, the operation of convenient human-computer interaction, for businesses to bring more customers and profits, for the life brought convenience and wonderful.

Because the touch screen display technology is simple and easy to operate, can better realize the human-computer interaction relaxed experience, durable and practical features are widely used in various fields. So, how to select a touch screen monitor? Follow the little plait to see it.

The first is the stability of the touch-screen display, touch-screen display although it is very convenient and easy to operate, but if there is a fault there will be a lot of trouble, so the choice of touch screen display, the job stability must be put in the first and most basic needs.

Second, if the touchscreen display can be handwritten text and image recognition, it will be more in line with people's choice. Because people in the process, in addition to touch, Touch Screen Monitor may also write and write painting, if the identification and processing of this information, this technology will be more convenient to press.

In addition, the price is also a very important consideration, because the personal and home to touch screen display more and more, so the price advantage will undoubtedly increase the attractiveness.

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