The Starter Is Simple To Operate

- Aug 07, 2017-

Starter performance characteristics

1) The starting process is predictable

The computer is used to input the parameters of motor, power grid and load, and the optimal parameters of the motor starting process such as current, speed and voltage drop are obtained by computer.

2) starting current can be controlled (start-up process can be controlled)

According to the actual load conditions, by adjusting the configuration of the concentration of electro-hydraulic to change the size of the resistance value, Jump Starter while the PLC program control, current feedback and other methods to achieve the purpose of starting control.

3) Jump Starter The starting time can be adjusted

 According to the actual conditions of the scene and the user's requirements, Jump Starter by changing the PLC control program, adjust the starting position of the moving plate and drive motor speed to change the travel time of the plate to achieve the purpose of the motor starting time.

4) can be started continuously

As the liquid resistance heat capacity, plasticity, a single starting temperature rise to be effective control, it is based on the needs of the conditions can be continuous starting; and the starting process changes in water resistance through the plate distance and close to the speed control, may be small , Jump Starter The impact of temperature rise in a secondary position.

5) Jump Starter start the process smooth, start running switch no impact

The linear motion of the moving plate causes the linear resistance of the series water to be reduced linearly, so that the starting process of the motor is uniform, smooth and stepless. When the starting torque is close, the resistance value of water and electricity becomes close to zero, Will have a current shock, the mechanical transmission system will not produce mechanical shock. [If you do not use the linear motion of the moving plate to change the resistance, the starting device can not limit the starting current of the motor to the maximum, Jump Starter can not achieve the smooth start without impact and starting performance adjustable (thermistor), and The reactors are similar and can not be reached or classified as soft starts.

6) with current closed-loop control, temperature closed-loop control.

7) control circuit can also be used PLC control, remote communication and computer centralized control

The control circuit adopts PLC programmable controller to control the logic program, monitors the hydraulic resistance during the starting process and the dynamic parameters of the motor, Jump Starter controls the movement of the plate and controls the shorting of the motor.

8) Security:

A, protection function: with liquid level display, liquid temperature display, start overtime, integrated alarm and other functions; with the switch cabinet to match, with a reliable interlock device, and with over-current, quick, over voltage, differential , Zero sequence, undervoltage and other protection;

B, safeguards: water resistance box in strict accordance with national standards for factory testing and strict grounding and lightning protection measures;

C, the host starts after the end of the plate automatically reset, Jump Starter the device is at zero potential and standby state for the next start to be fully prepared;

D, no harmonic pollution: the use of the device does not produce high harmonics, Jump Starter eliminating the pollution on the grid.

9) Jump Starter Simple operation and easy maintenance

As the starter on the working conditions and the grid environment is not high, low operating costs; system itself integrated control issued on-line signal, the general technical staff to carry out short-term training can be self-operation and maintenance; liquid resistance of plasticity, stability, Liquid raw materials from the source, maintenance costs are very low.

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