The Starter Has High Reliability

- Aug 28, 2017-

Starter is a new equipment used to control AC asynchronous motor, it is a novel motor control device which integrates motor soft start, soft parking, light load saving energy and various protection functions, which is called soft Starter. The main component of the system is a three-phase parallel gate and an electronic control circuit connected between the power source and the controlled motor. Jump Starter Different methods are used to control the conduction angle of the three-phase parallel thyristor, so that the input voltage of the controlled motor can be changed according to different requirements. The starting device of Shanghai Xingyu Company is to explain the function characteristics of starter. Jump Starter The starter is mainly composed of the main control Board of the double CPU, the main controlling circuit of the motor and the power supply transformer, which has the functions of control function, motor protection function, display, alarm and parameter setting.

How the starter Works

When the air pressure drops to the starting value of the air compressor, the programmable controller gives the starting command to the starter, and the starter controls the starting voltage and current of the motor through the thyristor, so that the air compressor system can start smoothly under no-load condition. Jump Starter When the voltage reaches the rated value, the contactor is absorbed, the thyristor is short, the three-phase power supply is directly added to the motor, the starter is started and the signal is launched to the programmable controller. Programmable controller After 9s delay, into the gas solenoid valve, air compressor carrying operation, to air tanks; Jump Starter when the gas tank air pressure reaches the stop value, the programmable controller cuts the air intake solenoid valve, causes the air compressor system to enter the no-load state, 2s after the starter to send the stop order, in the starter control, the motor gradually slows down to complete shutdown.

Comparison between starter and traditional starting mode

The comparison between the starter and the traditional starter is given, and from the waveform of the starting current, it can be seen that the starter has no impact current when it starts, while the traditional starter has the same impact current in the starting time. Jump Starter and from the starting voltage, motor torque characteristics, Jump Starter can be frequent start of the comparison between the start of the starter in the beginning of the traditional starter can not be compared with the advantages.

function Characteristics of starter

1, a variety of flexible starting mode selection, including: Standard soft start, double slope soft start, limited flow soft start, with sudden jump pump control start, Jump Starter preset low-speed starting and full speed start.

2, has the complete protection function, guarantees the motor reliable operation. Including: Over pressure, undervoltage, overload, over-current, lack of phase, current imbalance, overheating, grounding and so on.

3, the use of imported power components, with high reliability and high stability.

4, compact structure design, smaller size, Jump Starter more beautiful appearance.

5, high and low pressure optical fiber interface, with good isolation and reliable triggering effect.

6, has a good man-machine interface, Jump Starter so that the operation more simple and intuitive.

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