The Starter Has High Reliability

- Jul 25, 2017-

Starter is a new device used to control the AC asynchronous motor, it is a set of motor soft start, soft stop, light load energy saving and a variety of protection functions in one of the new motor control device。

Starter features

1, with a variety of flexible start options, including: standard soft start, dual slope soft start, Jump Starter current limiting soft start, with a sudden jump pump start, Jump Starter preset low-speed start and full-speed start. The same time as

2, with a complete protection, to ensure reliable operation of the motor. Including: overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overcurrent, phase loss, current imbalance, overheating, Jump Starter grounding and so on. The same time as

3, the use of imported power components, with high reliability and high stability.

4, compact structure design, smaller, more beautiful appearance. The same time as

5, high and low voltage between the use of fiber interface, with a good isolation and reliable trigger effect.

Asynchronous motor with its excellent performance and no need to maintain the characteristics of all walks of life in a wide range of applications. However, Jump Starter due to its start to produce a larger impact current, and because of the large starting stress, so that the life of the load equipment to reduce. The relevant state departments of the motor has long been clear that the start, that is, when the motor starting voltage drop can not exceed 15%. Jump Starter People often need to limit the motor starting current of the starting device, in the past more use of y / △ conversion, magnetically controlled buck starter, auto-step-down, etc. to achieve. Although these methods can play a certain role in limiting, but did not fundamentally solve the problem.

With the rapid development of power electronics technology, starters are widely used. It not only in the whole process of starting without impact and smooth start the motor, Jump Starter and according to the characteristics of the motor load to adjust the parameters of the start process, such as current limit, start time. In addition, it also has a variety of motor protection function, which fundamentally solve the traditional buck-starting device of many drawbacks.

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