The Starter Can Reduce The Copper Consumption Of The Motor

- Jun 02, 2017-

The starter is divided into manual and automatic according to the operation mode. AC motor manual starter in the more commonly used star - triangular starter, it belongs to the buck starting mode. At start-up, the alternating current three-phase motor winding connected to the star, Jump Starter so that each phase of the winding voltage is reduced to phase voltage, in order to reduce the impact of the starting current.

The main classification of the starter

1, according to voltage classification: high voltage soft starter, low voltage soft starter;

2, according to media classification: solid-state soft starter, Jump Starter liquid resistance soft starter;

3, according to the control principle: electronic soft starter, electromagnetic soft starter;

4, according to the mode of operation: online soft starter, bypass type soft starter;

5, according to the load: standard soft starter, heavy-duty soft starter.

How does the starter achieve light load energy saving?

The cage induction motor is an inductive load, and during operation the current in the stator coil winding lags behind the voltage. If the motor operating voltage unchanged, at light load, the power factor is low, in heavy load, the power factor is high. Soft starter can achieve light load, by reducing the motor terminal voltage, Jump Starter improve the power factor, reduce the motor copper consumption, iron consumption, to achieve the purpose of light energy-saving; load, then increase the motor voltage to ensure that the normal operation of the motor The

Starter has the following characteristics:

1), starting current adjustable, the adjustment range is generally 0.2 to 4 times the motor rated current;

2), the starting torque is adjustable, generally by adjusting the initial voltage (0 ~ 380V) to adjust;

3), the starting time can be adjusted according to the load situation;

4), there are two kinds of free shutdown and soft stop mode, according to the load and operating conditions to set the choice;

5), with current limit and voltage ramp two start mode, Jump Starter the user can be based on different load and specific requirements to set their own choice;

6), with a jog running function, the function of the user test or some of the load positioning is very convenient;

7), with 14 external control terminals for the user to achieve external signal control, remote control and system automation to facilitate the control;

8), there are three ways of operation: keyboard, external control terminals, Jump Starter keyboard and external control terminals can be;

9), external control can be used three-wire control and two-wire control;

10), can achieve a soft starter in turn start a number of motor;

11), can be used for frequent start and stop occasions;

12), with a variety of protection functions, such as overcurrent, overload, lack of phase, overheating, etc., the control of a single motor without additional motor protection circuit;

13), all digital open user operation display keyboard, can achieve parameter settings, modify, parameter display, protection display, start, stop, reset;

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