The Scenario Of Interactive Touch Display

- May 14, 2020-

As a display product, the interactive touch display can not only realize the display function but also realize the human-computer interaction and realize the intelligent display.


Interactive touch display scenario 1: hospital


The hospital uses the interactive touch display machine to display the flow chart of the procedures for processing charges for medicines, surgery, hospitalization, viewing, etc., the azimuth distribution map of each department of the hospital, the introduction of the doctors of the hospital and each department, the list of doctors ’consultations on that day, specially invited Introduction of the status of experts sitting in the hospital, introduction of new service items in the hospital, etc.


Interactive touch display 2: theater


The theater can quickly promote the film by using the interactive touch display machine, so that the audience can understand the film information in the first time. Users can freely check the price of the movie and make online purchases. Alleviate the pressure of queuing to buy tickets, and at the same time reduce the work pressure of theater staff.


Interactive touch display 3: hotel


Hotel customers can check the floor plan and dynamic route map of the hotel by using the touch query all-in-one machine. They can also know the room environment, hotel configuration, catering services, surrounding facilities, etc. without staying in the hotel It is a great convenience for customers to understand the hotel, avoiding the emotional conflicts that may arise from manual consultation.


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