The Meaning, Concept, Installation Method And Main Functions Of The Wireless Projection Screen Of Conference All-in-one Touch Screen

- Apr 23, 2020-

We all know that the conference tablet plays a very important role in the conference and has a very broad market prospect in the future. It has multiple functions in one, so it is popular among people. One of the most critical functions is wireless. Screen transmission. How does the conference tablet wireless screen transmission come true:

1. What is the significance of wireless screen transmission in conference?

In the enterprise, business meetings are indispensable. The traditional paper meeting era has become a thing of the past, replaced by smart meetings and wireless meetings, because the projection and all-in-one touch screen joined the wireless screen transmission. Among them, not only can improve work efficiency, but also can make the whole presentation process without any complicated settings, which is more convenient to use and makes the meeting more efficient;

Second, the concept of conference wireless screen transmission

Wireless projection is also called wireless screen transmission. This feature has received a lot of attention recently. It allows users to project all content on the screen of devices such as windows laptops, Android smartphones and tablets to devices that support this feature. On the large screen of the peripheral device, the multi-screen sharing function is realized. Conference wireless screen transmission is a wireless transmission device specially developed for conference rooms. General corporate conference rooms have multiple screens, such as early projection screens and all-in-one touch screens and LCD TVs in recent years. The content displayed on another screen in a synchronized manner is called a screen transfer. For example, the content displayed on the computer screen is placed on the screen, and the content on the mobile phone screen is synchronized to the all-in-one machine. It uses the local area network to project the content of the mobile phone or computer screen on the conference tablet;

3. Installation method of wireless screen transmission

The conference wireless screen transmission is different from the current screen transmission software on the market, and there is no need to download the app. The conference wireless screen transmission only needs to power up an Android host. When using it, connect the monitor and the host with an HDMI cable, and then use the laptop Connect to the wireless screen transfer device through the USB port, and automatically match the installation program. The host comes with a local area network without network support to achieve one-click screen transfer, easy to carry, any Android or computer device only needs to have a USB interface to achieve screen transfer;

Fourth, what functions does the wireless screen transfer conference system have?

1. Ability to use mobile phones and computers to pass screen images and video and audio;

2. The text annotation display document can be marked at any time directly through the cursor. If it is a linked all-in-one touch screen, it can be directly annotated with handwriting, and the communication efficiency is significantly improved;

3. The written content is saved. The written content can be taken away and stored in the machine, or it can be stored in the U disk. Another very important thing is the generated QR code, which only needs to be scanned by the mobile phone. Synchronized into the hands of participants;

4. Quickly set the welcome word, as long as one minute in advance, you can set a welcome word or the theme of the meeting;

5. If it matches an all-in-one touch screen, it can directly control the tablet or computer on the large screen reversely;

 interactive all-in-one touch screen

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