The Main Application Of Medical Interactive Flat Panel Displays In The Medical Industry

- May 12, 2020-

With the continuous improvement of the level of technology, the interactive flat panel displays is now quietly integrated into all areas of our life, which is closely related to our daily life.


The following are the five main applications of the medical interactive flat panel displays in the medical industry:

1. Emergency alert

When an emergency alarm triggers the system, the alarm integration will take over the display and display relevant information, such as evacuation procedures or fire extinguisher location. When the emergency ends, the medical interactive flat panel displays will automatically play the original content.

2. Promote medicines

Using the medical interactive flat panel displays machine to play drug advertisements in the waiting room or the rest area is an extremely effective method of dissemination under the premise of observing industry guidelines. Remember to keep it updated to the latest medical developments.

3. RSS content

The medical interactive flat panel displays can be integrated with almost any information source, which provides the possibility to participate in social related content. Internal news, event calendars, spreadsheets and other social related content can be perfectly integrated with the real-time information of digital signage.

 4. Cafe Menu

The interactive flat panel displays machine can also provide menu services for the cafes of medical care institutions. The POS system is integrated with the display to display real-time and accurate prices. The digital menu of the cafe restaurant can also send tips on healthy eating and nutrition information.

 5. Entertainment

Most patients will use mobile phones in the waiting room, which may cause interference to sensitive medical equipment. In order to make patients not too bored, they can provide them with some entertainment information, such as weather forecasts, game scores, breaking news and other public information. The content must be carefully designed and ensure that the information can help patients pass the time.

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