The Installation Skill Of Touch Screen Display

- Oct 25, 2017-

Advantages of touch Screen display

Simple to operate: touch-and-search machine is a platform for the public, simple and intuitive touch interface so that people of different cultural backgrounds can enjoy the same quality of service.

Stable and reliable, meet the outdoor environment requirements: touch-screen display stable and reliable, no drift, no need for periodic calibration, Touch Screen Monitor and provide dustproof, waterproof, safety anti-riot professional solutions to meet indoor outdoor environment and high-frequency application requirements, so that the system to maximize performance.

Cost savings: Use of touch technology information query and E-commerce platform to help governments and enterprises to more effectively use resources, Touch Screen Monitor reduce operating costs, increase revenue.

Simple and comprehensive upgrade: the use of touch-screen display, replace the machine panel on the fixed mechanical button, only through the software can achieve a full upgrade. With no need for a button wiring, the cost and installation of manual greatly reduced, product design has become simpler.

The principle of touch screen display

Touch screen display main components touch screen and display integrated equipment and have input and output functions, in accordance with the 4-line touch screen, 6-wire touch screen, 8-line touch screen, Touch Screen Monitor infrared touch screen, surface acoustic wave touch screen, capacitive touch screen. Touch-screen displays are also divided into two basic touch-screen displays, the CRT touchscreen display and the LCD touch screen display. The touch screen display has no obvious difference from the ordinary display, but a touch screen signal line is more than the ordinary monitor. Touch Screen Monitor The application of touch screen display is mainly used in Public Hall information inquiry, leadership office, electronic games, VOD order, multimedia teaching, ticket/train ticket pre-sale and so on.

Installation of touch screen display

(1) The purpose of removing the display is to make the front surface of the CRT fully exposed and remove the front cover of the monitor so as to install a touch screen.

(2) Discharge monitor notice (touch screen)

When the CRT is removed, be sure not to grab or crash the CRT's tube neck and electronic gun (touch screen), because the electronic gun is glass structure, very easy to be broken, Touch Screen Monitor so take out the CRT must be taken into account the safety of the electronic gun, generally the CRT display face upward placed in the plastic bucket.

(3) after the CRT and the front cover of the monitor are removed from the whole display front cover, try to put the touch screen into the lower front of the display, the general front cover inside the design of a number of reinforcing tendons, these reinforcement mainly in the production process when stripping useful, if the obstruction of touch screen into or feel long-term use may hurt and touch Pingbian on the Wire, Touch Screen Monitor It should be cut off with a miter clamp (cut after cutting is best to smooth the incision, because the incision is too sharp may hurt and touch Pingbian on the wire, such as space permits, etc., you can use foam double-sided adhesive tape).

(4) The dust-proof strip in the front cover of the monitor is affixed with the dust-proof bar has two functions:

1, stop pressure bad transducer. Some monitors such as the Philips front cover are not high enough for the visible frame, if the dust-proof strip mounted touch screen will make the transducer is crushed, Touch Screen Monitor resulting in a touch screen can not be used, this phenomenon in the flat-screen display shangyou as prominent, affixed with dust-proof bar can pad space for the transducer, thus solving this problem.

2, stop the outside dust into the touch screen stripe area. If the dust accumulates too much on the touch screen stripe, it can cause the touch reaction to be slow, the local touch is ineffective and so on.

(5) Sticking double-sided adhesive. In the visual area of the picture tube affixed double-sided adhesive, Touch Screen Monitor to be pasted touch screen when the double-sided adhesive tape torn.

(6) Full display rear cover. To observe the working status of the control box, it is recommended that the control box be installed outside the monitor. But if the control box can be pasted with double-sided adhesive or try to fix the inside of the monitor with screws in order to be beautiful, Touch Screen Monitor at the same time with the oblique mouth clamp at the back of the monitor to cut a small hole can pass through the screen or serial line (note: The position of the control box and the outlet hole is not fixed, so as not to affect the display internal space, do not affect the display reinstall mainly).

(7) Clean, paste touch screen. Thoroughly clean the two surfaces of the touchscreen with a glass cleanser and suede, while cleaning the surface of the monitor. After cleaning, Touch Screen Monitor the touch screen is carefully centered on the screen, note that in order to ensure the safety of the transducer as far as possible to make the touch screen of the reflective stripes in the CRT visual area, Touch Screen Monitor touch screen has three of the side of the transducer, and immediately with high temperature-resistant tape sealing the four sides of the gap to ensure that the seam does not enter the dust.

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