The Function Of Starter To Protect Motor

- Sep 07, 2017-

Starter is a new equipment used to control AC asynchronous motor, it is a novel motor control device which integrates motor soft start, soft parking, light load saving energy and various protection functions, which is called soft Starter. Jump Starter The main component of the system is a three-phase parallel gate and an electronic control circuit connected between the power source and the controlled motor. Different methods are used to control the conduction angle of the three-phase parallel thyristor, so that the input voltage of the controlled motor can be changed according to different requirements.

The starter controls the electrical motor starting and stopping. Jump Starter When starting the motor, the starting current should be more than many times the rated current of the electric machine, and the voltage of the line should be reduced temporarily when the starting current is large. In the case of larger line capacity, the voltage is not much lower, and the work on the other electrical equipment on the line has little effect, Jump Starter so the medium and small capacity AC motor can adopt direct starting mode. Shanghai People's electrical switchgear factory of the corresponding starter products in the market also has a strong competitiveness.

The starter is suitable for the general industry to exchange 50Hz, Voltage 400V, power respectively 10, 14, 28, 40, 55, 75 and 100KW of three-phase squirrel cage induction motor do not frequent step-down start and stop use, with a tap of the self-coupled transformer at the start of the power supply voltage is reduced, Jump Starter In order to reduce the starting current, the product also has a thermal relay that is the loss of pressure off the device, when the motor overload or the line voltage below the rated voltage of a certain number of motors to disengage from the power supply, to protect the role of the motor.

Main technical parameters of starter

1. The main technical data for this product are shown in table 1;

2. Self-coupling transformer is short working system, when the motor is connected to the 65% or 80% rated voltage ratio tap of the self-coupling transformer, Jump Starter all levels of working start time shall not exceed the requirements of table 2, and when the starter is two times fast-connected, the load should be cooled to the ambient air temperature.

3. Characteristics of Protective devices:

(1) The loss of pressure protection, when the product in the closed position, if the application voltage reduced to the nominal value of the 70%~35% range, the tripping action, Jump Starter so that the product disconnect the circuit, the voltage for the nominal value of 85% and above to maintain this product to connect the circuit.

(2) Overload protection, this product for a long time through the rated working current does not move, Jump Starter when passing through 120% rated working current, in less than 20 minutes of action.

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