The Characteristics, Classification And Definition Of Advertising Touch Display

- Apr 29, 2020-

1. Introduction to Advertising touch display

The advertising touch display is a new generation of smart equipment, which forms a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and is carried out through multimedia materials such as pictures, text, videos, small plug-ins (weather, exchange rate, etc.). The initial concept of the advertising touch display is to turn the advertisement into passive, so the interactive nature of the advertising touch display makes it have many public service functions, and in order to attract customers to actively browse the advertisement.

Therefore, the mission of the advertising touch display at the beginning was to change the passive mode of advertising and to attract customers to actively browse ads through interactive methods. The development direction of the advertising touch display has also continued this mission: intelligent interaction, public service, entertainment interaction and so on.


Second, advertising touch display function classification:

1. Appearance classification

Mainly divided into: wall-mounted, vertical, horizontal

2. Functional classification

Stand-alone advertising touch display, online advertising touch display (3G / WIFI), advertising touch display, Bluetooth advertising touch display, voice advertising touch display, etc.

3. Classification of application scope

Indoor advertising touch display, outdoor advertising touch display, car advertising touch display, building advertising touch display, floor advertising touch display, DID LCD splicing wall, etc.

4. Installation method

Vertical advertising touch display, wall-mounted advertising touch display, combined advertising touch display, etc.

  Display method:

Horizontal LCD advertising touch display, vertical LCD advertising touch display, split-screen LCD advertising touch display, wall-mounted LCD advertising touch display, composite-mirror advertising touch display.

Bus rental mobile TV LCD: Refers to the commercial terminal advertising system installed on buses, taxis, private cars and other vehicles.

Multimedia information release system:

Touch screen all-in-one, network playback box (including: DM3806, ESS, SigemaDesign8635, WebDT, etc.)


3. Function and characteristics of advertising touch display

1. Diversified information display :The design of advertising touch display can spread a variety of media information; such as text, video conference sound, image and other information, it can make the ignorant and uninteresting abstract advertisement become more vivid and humanized.

2. Wide application range: The application range of the advertising touch display is very wide, which can be used in large-scale commercial supermarkets, clubs, squares, hotels, government agencies and families. Its advertising content is effective, fast, and the content can be changed at any time.

3. Beyond the limitation of time and space: The ultimate goal of the advertising touch display is to occupy the market share of the advertisement. Its advertising touch display can carry out the advertisement spreading beyond the time constraint and the space limitation, so that the advertisement can be disseminated from the space-time limitation.

4. Economic and environmental protection: Advertising through advertising touch displays can replace flyers, newspapers, and television advertisements. One party can reduce the cost of printing, postage, and expensive TV advertisements. On the other hand, CF cards and SD cards can be rewritten many times to reduce multiple exchanges loss.

5. Humanized promotion: The promotion on the advertising touch display is one-to-one, rational, consumer-led, non-compulsive, and gradual, and it is a low-cost and humanized promotion, avoiding strong salesman promotion Interference, and establish long-term good relationships with consumers through information provision.

6. Efficient and accurate information: The advertising touch display can store a large amount of information. The quality and accuracy of the information transmitted by the video conference system far exceed other media, and can adapt to market needs to update information or adjust in time, so it can effectively meet customer needs in a timely manner.

7. Most viewers of advertising touch display content with great potential for development in the future are young, middle-class, and highly educated groups. As this group has strong purchasing power and strong market influence, the future of advertising touch displays has great potential for development.

8. Ultra-high technical support The advertising touch display is built on the basis of high technology. There must be certain technical support in the implementation of sales promotion. It must change the traditional concept to meet the needs of advertisers and customers.


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