The Application Of Interactive Flat Panel In Education

- Mar 23, 2020-

The interactive flat panel has been widely used in education and teaching, and has also been unanimously approved and favored by teachers. It is a high-tech product developed by combining high-tech methods such as cutting-edge electronic technology and software technology. It can realize interactive teaching in the classroom by applying the principle of electromagnetic induction, combining computers and projectors. Let teachers completely get rid of the constraints of the mouse and keyboard, improve the quality of teaching, optimize teaching resources, enrich the content of the classroom, increase the activity and interaction of the classroom, and mobilize the learning atmosphere. The interactive flat panel has the following commonly used functions in teaching.

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First, screen annotations, timely feedback

The interactive interactive flat panel computer provides convenient writing and drawing functions and is applied to Chinese subjects. It can realize the learning method of students thinking and imagining while batch drawing, presenting the learning process of reading and thinking and the final thinking results of students; applied to mathematics Disciplines can present the results of students' practice and thinking, making it easy for teachers to find problems and evaluate in time.

For example, in the classroom, the teacher uses the interactive flat panel to first present the electronic version of the text. During the explanation process, the interactive flat panel screen annotation function is used to add some key words in real time (underlined, emphasized, Draw circles, etc.), use the interactive flat panel to create a learning environment for student-student interaction and teacher-student interaction. Communicate the results of annotations in interactions, and clarify methodological connotations in teacher feedback. In the whole process, students are the main body of learning. In independent comments and interactive discussions, students' independence and depth of thinking are improved.

2. Hide and hide, present in batches

Based on the screen-shading function provided by the interactive interactive flat panel, the picture can be poured into the theme background, which is beneficial to the founding scenario. Resources can be presented in batches according to the learning progress, which not only helps students focus, but also effectively guides students' thinking development. Not only is it more practical in the new lessons, but it is also very useful in the usual practice and review classes. The presentation in batches can effectively guide students 'thinking and fully mobilize students' learning interest.

Third, drag and drop combination, flexible interaction

Based on the drag-and-drop, zoom-in and combination functions provided by the interactive interactive flat panel, students can experience the learning process in drag-and-drop, and show the creation of ideas in the drag-and-drop combination. In the learning process, students' learning practices have been strengthened, enabling students to increase their abilities in practice.

In the lesson of translation and rotation in elementary school mathematics, students did not know which parts should be included in the small house after translation. The teacher can use the "drag" function to drag the small house graphic one by one to the designated place, and drag it while counting. With the teacher's intuitive demonstration of dragging, the students clearly see the entire movement process and learn Count the squares of the grid.

Fourth, the focus is enlarged, highlighting the focus

Based on the camera and zoom function provided by the interactive interactive flat panel, it can focus on teaching points, present the points, observe carefully, and find problems.

For example: In the middle school physics teaching, teachers use the magnifying glass tool of the interactive flat panel machine to help students carefully check the small problems in the circuit diagram. In Chinese teaching, the magnifying glass tool is used to magnify the details in the picture for students to observe and cultivate students' ability to perceive the details of things.

Five, process playback, showing the context

Based on the playback function provided by the interactive interactive flat panel machine, it can be used in the learning of students in various disciplines to re-learn the learning process and relive the context of thinking. Live the key to solve the problem.

In the lower grade literacy teaching class, the teacher recorded the process of writing Chinese characters, and the process of writing Chinese characters can be played back at any time during teaching. Especially after the fanci, the playback function is used to allow students to read and practice while making students to further clarify the strokes and stroke order of Chinese characters, breaking through the difficulty of writing Chinese characters.

Six, mode switching, convenient for demonstration

Based on the three-mode switching function provided by the interactive interactive flat panel, education resources can be integrated with it to facilitate classroom presentations and batch painting.

Through the mode switching in teaching, teachers can use the interactive flat panel to switch to the normal operation mode for ordinary computer operations, such as playing videos, playing PowerPoint, opening files, etc. without using the mouse and keyboard.

Seven, intelligent drawing, improve efficiency

The interactive flat panel provides a variety of smart tools such as compasses, drawing angles, smart pens, protractors, and circle drawing. Teachers can use a pen in the interactive flat panel without the need for other tools and a little practice. Draw a very professional and accurate variety of geometric figures.

These tools not only provide an integrated toolbox for science teaching, but also they are the same as real tools when used, and they are a realistic simulation operation. In practice, these tools are very welcomed by subject teachers, and students like them very much.

Save inventory and accumulate resources

Inventory is based on the resource library function and storage function provided by the interactive interactive flat panel, which can call resources and accumulate on-site resources at any time during learning, and can store on-site learning resources in various ways for review and review. Save as is to export the courseware, teaching resources and student wisdom used by the teacher to the web page, pictures and other resources for students to learn or review.

The above are the eight functions commonly used in teaching interactive flat panels. In addition, there are many other very useful functions, such as timers, players, etc. These can be flexibly selected according to needs in actual teaching to improve the quality of teaching and cultivate more talents for the country.

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