Starters Are Widely Used In Metallurgy And Other Industries

- Sep 19, 2017-

With the rapid development of power electronics technology, starters are widely used. It not only in the whole start-up process without impact and smooth start the motor, and according to the characteristics of the motor load to adjust the parameters of the start process, such as current limit, start time. In addition, Jump Starter it also has a variety of motor protection function, which fundamentally solve the traditional buck-starting device of many drawbacks.

Starter is a new device used to control the AC asynchronous motor, it is a set of motor soft start, soft stop, light load energy and a variety of protection functions in one of the new motor control device, known as the soft starter. Its main component is connected in series between the power supply and the controlled motor three-phase parallel thyristor and its electronic control circuit. Jump Starter The use of different methods to control the three-phase anti-parallel thyristor conduction angle, so that the motor input voltage varies according to different requirements, you can achieve different functions. To Shanghai Shan Yu company's starter to illustrate the starter features. Shan Yu's starter is mainly composed of dual cpu main control board, motor main control circuit and power supply transformer, Jump Starter with control function, motor protection function and display, alarm, parameter setting and other functions.

2.1 Comparison of starter and traditional starting mode

Starter and conventional starter comparison, starting from the starting current waveform can be seen when the starter start no current, and the traditional starter in the start when there are 1 or 2 times the impact of current. And from the starting voltage, the motor torque characteristics, whether the frequent start of the comparison, the starter at the start of the traditional starter can not match the superiority.

2.2 Kai, stop control mode

Starter has a perfect starting mode, received from the outside, stop command, Jump Starter in accordance with the pre-set from the stop mode to achieve the control of the motor. Optional start and stop control mode are the following:

(1) current limiting soft start control mode: the motor starts, the output voltage from zero to increase rapidly until the output current reaches the set current limit value im, and then ensure that the output current is not greater than the value of the case, the voltage gradually Rise, Jump Starter the motor gradually accelerated, when the motor reaches the rated speed, the bypass contactor pull, the output current quickly dropped to the motor rated current ie the following to complete the start process.

How the starter works

When the gas tank pressure drops to the air compressor start value, Jump Starter the programmable controller to the starter issued a start command, the starter through the thyristor control motor starting voltage and current, the air compressor system in the no-load state smooth start. Jump Starter When the voltage reaches the rated value, the contactor pulls, the thyristor is shorted, the three-phase power is directly applied to the motor, the starter starts and completes the signal to the programmable controller. Programmable controller after 9s delay, into the intake solenoid valve, air compressor with load operation, to the tank to cheer; when the gas tank pressure up to the stop value, the programmable controller cut off the intake solenoid valve, the air pressure Machine system into the no-load state, Jump Starter 2s after the starter to stop the order, under the control of the starter, the motor gradually slow down to a complete shutdown.

Starter is now widely used in metallurgy, steel, oil, hydropower and other industries, mainly used in air compressor, pumps, fans and other auxiliary control areas. Jump Starter There are many defects in the traditional control structure, and the problem is more prominent for the large load. The soft starter not only overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional control structure, but also makes the control function more perfect. Choose starter starting motor, is the inevitable direction of future development.

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