Starter Function

- Jul 13, 2017-

The starter is a new type of motor starting device that combines power electronics, microprocessors and fuzzy control theory. It can start and stop the motor without any step. Avoid the use of direct start, star / delta start, auto Decompression start and other traditional starting way to start the motor caused by mechanical and electrical shock and other issues, and can effectively reduce the starting current and distribution capacity, Jump Starter to avoid capacity investment. The use of the soft starter can extend the service life of machinery and equipment, reduce the maintenance of equipment, improve economic efficiency.

Starter speed is divided into fast and slow speed, mutual conversion time of 15 seconds, first in the case of heavy load start slowly, with its largest power drive scraper conveyor on the coal, Jump Starter and then converted into fast in 15 seconds Began to officially out of coal. However, because the mining area 101 mining area layout of the work surface is longer, higher mining height, the face operations, the scraper conveyor on the amount of coal more, 15 seconds scraper conveyor to transport less coal, when converted into Fast start, because the motor power must be, the load is too large, resulting in frequent start, easy to damage the motor, cable aging, Jump Starter shorten the service life of equipment, affecting safety.

In this regard, the mine science and technology studio members through careful study, in the conversion circuit installed in the delay relay, which can keep the slow running current unchanged, extending the slow running time, the slow and fast conversion time Extended to 60 seconds, Jump Starter thus effectively reducing the amount of coal on the scraper conveyor, the failure rate has been greatly reduced, and promote the safety of production.

In this kind of construction choice, diesel vehicles are mostly large cars, such as large passenger cars, cranes similar to a class of mechanical vehicles, and gasoline cars are mostly cars, high-end cars are used in gasoline. Something can help the diesel car to start, that is, starter, this thing has a good general, the general is about two thousand or so, its role is that when the diesel engine can not start when the starter to help start the car, But when can a diesel car start up?

Such as winter, in the minus temperature, the car inside the oil is certainly frozen, it was said to add antifreeze, in some cases the antifreeze can not be resolved, Jump Starter this time the starter began to work, it can make the oil inside the diesel Warming and then start the car, this tool can make people travel in winter to facilitate a lot of people.

If the owner of the diesel car owners at home, even in the home of this object is not redundant, everything is to ensure travel, so this thing slowly estimated to be a must-have travel, of course, the starter customers

The starter is composed of an outer shell, an inner shell, a clutch series, a starting spindle, a drive shaft, a clutch, a large and small spring, a bearing, a starting splitter and the like, A large spring is arranged on the inner side of the large spring, the inner sleeve is provided with an inner sleeve and a spring adjusting ring on the inner side of the large spring; the clutch outer sleeve is arranged on the inner side of the inner shell; the inner shell is fixed on the outer shell; , The main shaft is equipped with a gear ring, a pressure bearing, Jump Starter a three-jaw connector and a rolling bearing. The upper end is provided with a dust cover. At the other end of the starting spindle is a clutch, a small spring and a gear, and the other end of the inner shell is equipped with a drive Shaft, the drive shaft is equipped with a pressure bearing and a rolling bearing and a starting splitter, the end cap is mounted on the outer shell, and the end cap is provided with a rubber pad and a rubber pressing plate. The safety starter has reasonable structure and light effort.

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