Resistive Touch Screen

- Nov 28, 2016-

The touch screen using pressure-sensitive control. Resistance touch screen of main part is a and display surface very tie of resistance film screen, this is a multilayer of composite film, it to a layer glass or hard plastic flat as grass-roots, surface coated has a layer transparent oxidation metal (transparent of conductive resistance) conductive layer, above again cover has a layer appearance surface hardening processing, and smooth anti-wipe of plastic layer, and it of within surface also coated has a layer coating, and in they Zhijian has many small of (is less than 1/1000 inches) transparent isolation points put two layer conductive layer separated insulation. When the finger touch screen, touch points have two conductive layers contact resistance changes, generate signals in x and y directions, then touch screen controller. Contact controller detects this and calculate (x, y) location, according to simulate the way the mouse works. This is the most basic principle of resistor touch screen.

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