Piezoelectric Type Touch Screen

- Nov 28, 2016-

Resistance design is simple, low cost, but resistive touch more closely constrained by their physical limitations, such as lower transmittance, high line processor burden large detection area, which makes it easy to aging which affects the service life. Multi-touch capacitive touch support function, with higher light transmittance, lower overall power consumption, its contact surface with high hardness, without pressing, the service life is long, but lack accuracy, stylus controls is not supported. Then arises a piezoelectric type touch screen.

Piezo touch control technology for resistive and capacitive touch technology. Piezoelectric sensor with capacitive touch screen the touch screen supports multi-touch and touch support any object, unlike skin texture touch capacitive screen supports only class. Thus, piezoelectric type touch screen can have both a capacitive multi-touch screen touch, and precise resistive screen.

Piezo touch control power consumption characteristics closer to capacitive touch characteristics, without action, does not produce electricity, while the resistance power. Interface support, piezo touch control also supports USB and serial ports, I2C interface. From the cost point of view, resistive touch control and the drive go to piezo touch control-need to change the production line equipment, combined with capacitive ITO and mask process compared to piezo touch control ride costs about between its result.

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