Overview Of Interactive Flat Panel

- Apr 17, 2020-

Advantages of interactive flat panel:


Traditional interactive whiteboards: need to connect different devices such as PCs, projectors, and various cables are disordered; ordinary whiteboards must be used with the projector, the projected image is not clear, and the projector lamp becomes dark due to the extended use time. Limited lifespan; projection requires a darkroom environment, students cannot see the teacher ’s expression clearly after seeing the projection content; the front projection light is dazzling, causing damage to the teacher ’s eyes, and shadows will appear on the screen; students ’concentration is difficult to concentrate needs improvement.


Interactive flat panel: high integration, integrated PC, projection system, curtain, display system, audio, multi-touch in one touch screen; high-definition display screen, clear image, no glare problem of front projection light; not affected by external light source, Simple installation, built-in computer; high-definition multimedia interface with HDMI.


Function of interactive flat panel

1. TV function: ALL-FHD system full HD solution, supports 1920 * 1080, 32-bit true color full HD display

2. Computer function: You can surf the Internet from 5, 10, 20, 30 meters away, or you can use a wireless keyboard and mouse to wirelessly surf the Internet

3. Touch function

4. Karaoke function: It has the KTV jukebox function, that is, click and sing, which is convenient for entertainment.

5. Video game function: it can be used as a video game, and the touch screen can be used to operate Warcraft, Google Earth, w7 games and other touch games directly by the touch screen instead of the mouse. It can also be connected to handles, steering wheels, joysticks, dance pads, and other electronic games such as racing, shooting, landlords, World of Warcraft, Fantasy Westward Journey, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

6. Conference function: It can be used for conference speech, planning scheme explanation, remote video conference, plug-and-play electronic documents, no extra equipment such as projector, projection screen, computer, slide show, DVD player and so on.

7. Environmental protection whiteboard function: write and draw at will, without pens and brushes, and environmentally friendly. You can write with your hand with a pen, you can delete it at will, and you can also store and record.

8. Projector function: "Touch the horizon" large screen can replace the projector, play the large screen display file, and the image is clearer.

9. Shopping guide machine function: with shopping guide and guide function, giving customers guidance, convenient for customers to find the products they need, and with additional functions such as advertising

10. Electronic inquiry function: through the operator's input and editing of various electronic files and information, customers can self-inquire the required information, reducing the cost of inquiring personnel.

11. Video monitoring function: It can monitor the security of the monitoring area, arbitrarily call up the live video of each area, and perform data analysis.

12. Picture-in-picture function: You can watch TV news while watching TV series, the Internet is synchronized with TV, and the game is synchronized with karaoke.


Application of interactive falt panel


1. School, training, enterprise, government, conference, home

2. Public security monitoring, fire monitoring, traffic control room, security monitoring, aviation command, military command

3. Post, airport, station, logistics, port, parking lot, automobile city, bus

4. Hospital waiting room, TV station, public welfare institution, lottery inquiry, rural information interactive platform

5. Wholesale malls, large stores, supermarkets, shopping districts, office building elevator advertisements, advertising media

6. Museums, libraries, exhibition halls, demonstration halls, public places, movie theaters, stage performances

7. Hotels, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, leisure clubs, karaoke rooms, internet cafes, entertainment venues

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