Objective Analysis The LCD Writing Tablet/board

- Apr 29, 2019-

Huizhou U-Touch Technology Co.,Ltd

LCD writing tablet board

As the trends of touch industry growing up,more touch industrial product comeing.Involving a wide range of fields.So today we are going to introduct and analysis you about the LCD writing tablet/board.

See details from Video below

    Actually,the principle of this product is the Molecular mobility,which means  if you write on the screen,Molecules will flow simultaneously.Then it can display the text you wrote.

    Also,it can display two kinds of color as you are in the difference position.It can change into blue from Yellow.This is exactly protect our eyes.

    One-click clean function,clean the text you do not want it any more.One-click lock function,enable to clean the text but you can still write on the scree.

     USB connection,for power charging.

     Application:suggest for advertisign display and teaching.

lcd writing boardlcd writing tablet
lcd tablet writinglcd writing tablet 2

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