Introduction Of Conference Smart Touch Interactive Flat Panel

- Mar 31, 2020-

I. Introduction

The smart touch interactive flat panel is an all-in-one flat panel that integrates multiple functions of a projector, interactive whiteboard, audio, television, and video conference terminal. It is an office equipment designed for meetings. The conference tablet is also called a teaching machine in the field of education. The intelligent conference interactive smart touch flat panel adopts an all-in-one design, ultra-thin body, and simple business appearance; multiple USB interfaces are set on the front, bottom and sides of the device to meet the needs of multiple people in the meeting. The installation method is flexible, can be wall-mounted, and can be used with a mobile stand, which does not require installation conditions and perfectly adapts to various conference environments.

conference smart touch interactive flat panel


(1) Writing in meetings, highly sensitive

Built-in high-sensitivity writing software, whether it is a stylus or a finger, you can write on the conference interactive smart touch flat panel and experience the general writing experience on paper; humanized touch gesture design, mobile zoom, eraser and other functions can be switched between fingers; When you touch the screen in a large area, you can quickly call the blackboard eraser function and wipe it with the back of your hand. At the same time, you can make annotations on the key points of the meeting, and the meeting records can be saved with one click for easy viewing after the meeting.

(2) remote video conference

Ultra-high-definition display screen, delicate texture, ultra-wide viewing angle, greatly extend the visible distance compared to traditional video equipment. Front speakers for clearer sound during meetings. No need to lay expensive video conference dedicated line network, through built-in wifi, only ordinary network can realize high-definition, smooth and stable remote video conference. In the remote conference mode, the screen is shared in real time in different places, and the whiteboard function supports two-way graffiti operation. Multi-party discussion and real-time interaction are as vivid and realistic as being in the same room.

(3) wireless screen transmission

Wireless screen projection can be achieved through the same screen device. Whether it is a mobile phone, computer, or tablet, you can wirelessly transfer PPT, Eexl, Word documents and other files to the conference smart touch interactive flat panel What is even more amazing is that the wireless screen transmission device can realize the bidirectional operation of the PC and the smart touch interactive flat panel. As long as the computer is operated on the all-in-one conference machine, the page turning and annotation of PPT can be realized, or the file can be easily switched. Show, the participants can move more freely, and the meeting is more compact and smooth.

(4) HD picture quality up to 4K

The conference smart touch interactive flat panel adopts the LCD screen + operating system mode, with high resolution and true color reproduction. The screen can be clearly seen without turning off the lights. The picture quality is clearer and impresses you

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