Infrared Touch Screen Long Service Life

- Jul 13, 2017-

Infrared touch screen is close to the screen before the dense X, Y direction of the infrared matrix, through the non-stop scan whether the infrared object detection and positioning the user's touch.

This touch screen is installed in front of the display of a frame, Infrared Touch Screen frame design circuit board, so in the four sides of the screen arranged around the infrared emission tube and infrared receiver tube, one by one to form a vertical and horizontal cross the infrared matrix. Every time you finish a circle, if all the infrared on the tube access, green light, that everything is normal.

Infrared touch screen products are divided into two kinds of built-in and built-in. The plug-in installation method is very simple, is the most convenient to install all the touch screen, Infrared Touch Screen as long as the plastic or double-sided adhesive can be fixed in front of the monitor can be.

The advantage of an infrared touch screen is that it can be touched with a finger, pen, or any object that blocks light.

Infrared technology touch screen mounted on the touch screen frame on the infrared transmitter and receiver components, in the screen surface, the formation of infrared detection network, any touch object can change the contact on the infrared and touch screen operation. Infrared touch screen to achieve the principle and the surface acoustic wave touch similar to it is the use of infrared emission and receive sensing components. These elements form an infrared detection network on the surface of the screen. A touch-operated object (such as a finger) can change the infrared rays of the electric shock and then be converted into a touch coordinate position to achieve an operational response. Infrared Touch Screen In the infrared touch screen, the four sides of the screen arrangement of the circuit board device has infrared emission tube and infrared receiver tube, corresponding to the formation of vertical and horizontal cross the infrared matrix.

Infrared touch screen features:

1. High stability, not because of time, changes in the environment drift

2. High adaptability, free from current, voltage and electrostatic interference, Infrared Touch Screen suitable for some harsh environmental conditions (explosion, dust)

3. High light transmission without intermediate medium, up to 100%

4. Long life, high durability, not afraid of scratch, touch life is also long

5. The use of good features, no need to touch the touch, no special requirements on the touch body

6. In XP support simulation 2 points, in WIN7 support true 2 points,

7. Support USB, serial output,

8. Resolution is 4096 (W) * 4096 (D)

9. Good operating system compatibility Win2000 / XP / 98ME / NT / VISTA / X86 / LINUX / Win7

10. Touch diameter> = 5mm

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