Infrared Touch Screen Is Widely Used

- Sep 07, 2017-

Infrared touchscreen full Name: Infrared technology touchscreen (infrared touch screen Technology), consisting of integrated circuits, infrared emitting and receiving light-emitting diode components mounted in the outer frame of the touchscreen, forming an X-y-Axis infrared cross detection network on the surface of the screen, Infrared Touch Screen Any opaque object to block the infrared LED tube transmission and reception, through the Integrated circuit master IC monitoring, and operation data feedback to the computer, the computer again through data processing, can locate the blocked infrared position, so as to achieve touch and write operation.

The realization principle of the infrared touch-control screen is similar to that of surface acoustic contact, which uses infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements. Infrared Touch Screen These elements form an infra-red detection network on the surface of the screen, which can change the infrared rays of an electric shock, which is converted into a touch coordinate position to achieve the response of the operation. Infrared Touch Screen In the infrared-type touch screen, the screen of the four sides of the circuit board device has infrared emitting tube and infrared receiver tube, corresponding to form the intersection of the infrared matrix.

Infrared Touch Screen Working principle

The infrared touch screen is an electronic device that detects and locates human touch gestures using an infrared matrix that is densely spaced in X and y directions. Infrared touch screen in front of the display to install a circuit board outside the frame, the circuit board on the screen four sides of the infrared transmitter and infrared receiver tube, each corresponding to form the intersection of the infra-red matrix, Infrared Touch Screen as shown in the schematic diagram. When the finger is touching the screen, it will block the two infrared rays that go through the position, Infrared Touch Screen so you can determine the position of the touch point in the screen. Any opaque object can change the infrared of the contact point and realize the touch screen operation. When there is touch, the finger or other object will block the infra-red of the position. Touch screen scan found and convinced that there is an infrared blocked, red light, Infrared Touch Screen indicating that there is infrared obstruction, there may be a touch, and immediately change to another coordinate to scan, if found another axis also has a infrared blocked, yellow light bright, The discovery of the touch, and two of the discovery of the blocked infrared tube position to the computer host, calculated to determine the touch point in the screen position.

Infrared touch screen products are particularly hanging and built-in two types. Plug-in installation method is very simple, is the most convenient installation of all touch screen, Infrared Touch Screen as long as the use of plastic or double-sided adhesive frame in front of the monitor can be fixed.

The advantage of an infrared touchscreen is that it can be touched by a finger, pen, or any object that blocks light.

It can be said that the use of planar display, infrared touch screen has a considerable advantage. Infrared detection technology using the same wavelength of infrared emission tube, infrared receiver tube (referred to as infrared tube) can be a simple infrared detection method:

As long as there is an object blocking the connection between the infrared tube, the receiving signal drops sharply, so infrared can detect object blocking, anti-theft system, automatic induction system, counters and other systems widely used.

If the infrared ray is used for short distance, the degree of blocking can be detected according to the attenuation of the receiving signal. This is the so-called analog mode, Infrared Touch Screen the simulation method in the receiver with a dense receiver array, but also for contrast imaging, in order to prevent interference, infrared detection can also be used pulse mode, that is, infrared emission tube to emit a fixed frequency signal, and the receiver only to this frequency detection, pulse mode anti-interference ability is very strong. Infrared Touch Screen Pulse mode if the frequency modulation signal, but also for digital communication, this is the famous infrared communication, home appliances remote control, computer infrared communication, even today the fastest optical fiber communication, is due to this. Infrared communication has no effect on the human body, and the launch distance is short of space pollution, today is favored.

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