Infrared Touch Screen In The Counter System Widely Used

- Jul 03, 2017-

At present, the application of infrared touch screen more and more widely, in the enjoyment of infrared touch screen gives us the convenience of the same time, we have to carefully repair and maintain them:

1, regular cleaning infrared touch screen glass and border of the dust;

2, the general type of touch screen do not perennial placed in the wild, Infrared Touch Screen only a special type of touch screen is designed specifically for the wild environment;

3, do not use metal objects to knock on the touch screen, easily lead to rupture of tempered glass;

4, do not put heavy objects on the touch screen, so as not to affect the use;

5, do not easily open the touch screen shell, so as not to damage the circuit, encountered problems contact manufacturers, do not arbitrarily disassemble the infrared touch screen.

Infrared touch screen is close to the screen before the dense X, Y direction of the infrared matrix, through the non-stop scan whether the infrared object detection and positioning the user's touch. Infrared Touch Screen As shown in the figure below, this touch screen is installed in front of the display of a frame, the frame design of the circuit board, so that the four sides of the screen arranged in the infrared emission tube and infrared receiver tube, one by one to form a vertical and horizontal cross the infrared matrix. Every time you finish a circle, Infrared Touch Screen if all the infrared on the tube access, green light, that everything is normal.

The advantage of an infrared touch screen is that it can be touched with a finger, pen, or any object that blocks light. As long as there is an object to block the infrared connection between the tube, the received signal on the sharp decline, so the infrared can detect the object of the block, Infrared Touch Screen in the anti-theft system, automatic sensor system, counter and other systems widely used.

We have to choose the size you want, the market to provide 17-84 inches of various sizes of infrared touch screen one machine, you can choose according to their own needs, and now, large-size touch screen most pro-Lai. Second, look at the monitor. Most manufacturers offer true color TFT LCD 1920 * 1080 display. Third, look at the computer host, the computer host compatible machine, brand machine and industrial computer of the points, the general choice of industrial computer like. In addition, depends on the machine's other internal, peripherals, and body material, Infrared Touch Screen to adapt to the computer system, the working environment and so on. In addition to comparing hardware devices, the choice of touch screen software is more important. If the software selection is not good, will greatly affect the use of touch screen one machine effect. Of course, the most important thing is to study more, compare, choose a professional manufacturer, do not blindly than the price.

Infrared multi-touch screen is the use of X, Y direction of the infrared matrix to detect and locate the human touch gestures of electronic equipment. Infrared touch screen in front of the display to install a circuit board frame, the circuit board in the four sides of the screen arranged around the infrared emission tube and infrared receiver tube one by one to form a vertical and horizontal cross the infrared matrix. Infrared Touch Screen Fingers touch the screen, it will block the location of the vertical and horizontal two infrared, which can determine the touch point in the screen coordinates. Any non-transparent object can change the infrared on the contact to achieve touch operation.

Multi-point infrared touch screen, is relative to the single-point infrared screen and virtual two-point infrared screen in terms of infrared touch screen is a technological innovation, its principle depends on the firmware of the software algorithm to solve more than two simultaneous touch operation Do not interfere with the problem. True two points and the difference between the two virtual performance in the high stability and rapid response, not jump, run point and other misuse.

Infrared multi-touch screen and capacitive screen, Infrared Touch Screen compared with the resistance screen has obvious advantages: from current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for harsh environments, strong stability, high light resistance, cost-effective, can be easily integrated in the product, Compared with the traditional touch technology, infrared multi-touch screen to accurately detect multiple touch points to meet the various industries, the different needs of various products, is currently on the market the most widely used, the most popular touch screen.

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