Infrared Touch Screen Has A Considerable Advantage

- Oct 16, 2017-

The Infrared touch screen detects and locates the user's touch by using an infrared matrix that is densely spaced in the X and y directions. Infrared touch screen in front of the display to install a circuit board outside the frame, the circuit board on the screen four sides of the infrared transmitter and infrared receiver tube, each corresponding to the intersection of the infrared matrix. When the user touches the screen, Infrared Touch Screen the finger will block the two infrared rays of the position, so that the touch point can be judged in the screen position.

Main features of Infrared touch screen

1, the stability of the height will not be caused by time, environment changes in drift.

2, the height of adaptability is not affected by current, Infrared Touch Screen voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions.

3, high transmittance without intermediate medium, high transmittance, up to 100%.

4, long service life and durability, not afraid of scratching; The touch density can reach the 4096*4096 and the contact life is very long.

5, the use of a good touch no strength, no special requirements for the touch body, Infrared Touch Screen whether the touch is hard, or whether the touch is conductive, do not affect the normal use;

The advantage of an infrared touchscreen is that it can be touched by a finger, pen, or any object that blocks light.

Infrared Touch screen has a considerable advantage. Infrared detection technology using the same wavelength of infrared emission tube, infrared receiver tube (referred to as infrared tube) can be a simple infrared detection method:

As long as there is an object blocking the connection between the infrared tube, the receiving signal drops sharply, so infrared can detect object blocking, anti-theft system, Infrared Touch Screen automatic induction system, counters and other systems widely used.

If the infrared ray is used for short distance, the degree of blocking can be detected according to the attenuation of the receiving signal. This is the so-called analog mode, the simulation method in the receiver with a dense receiver array, but also for contrast imaging, in order to prevent interference, infrared detection can also be used pulse mode, that is, infrared emission tube to emit a fixed frequency signal, Infrared Touch Screen and the receiver only to this frequency detection, pulse mode anti-interference ability is very strong. Pulse mode if the frequency modulation signal, but also for digital communication, this is the famous infrared communication, home appliances remote control, computer infrared communication, even today the fastest optical fiber communication, is due to this. Infrared communication has no effect on the human body, and the launch distance is short of space pollution, today is favored. Infrared Touch Screen This chapter is a touch screen, do not wander other, but from this family thriving, you can also see the future of the infrared touch screen. High degree of stability, not due to time, environment changes in the drift height of adaptability, not subject to current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions (explosion-proof, dustproof) high transmittance without intermediate medium, the highest standard 100% service life long, high durability, not afraid of scratching, touch life also long use characteristics of good, Touch no strength, no special requirements on the touch of the XP support simulation 2 points, in the WIN7 support true 2 points, support USB, serial output, resolution is $number (W) *4096 (D) operating system compatibility good Win2000/xp/98me/nt/vista/x86/linux /win7 Touch diameter >= 5mm will be subject to strong infrared interference, Infrared Touch Screen such as remote control, high-temperature objects, sunlight or incandescent lamps such as infrared radiation Infrared receiver tube, will be subject to strong electromagnetic interference, such as Transformers

The working principle of the infrared touch screen is that the infrared receiving tube and the infrared emitter tube are all around the touch screen, these infrared tubes have a one by one correspondence on the surface of the touch screen, forming an optical net made of infrared rays, and when objects (fingers, gloves, or any touching objects) Enter the infrared optical network to block the reception of an infrared emitter somewhere, At this point, Infrared Touch Screen the two-direction receiving tube received infrared intensity will change, the controller by understanding the infrared receiver changes can know where the touch.

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