Infrared Touch Screen Detection Method

- Jun 16, 2017-

Multi-touch screen is the use of X, Y direction of the infrared matrix to detect and locate the human touch gestures of electronic equipment. Infrared touch screen in front of the display to install a circuit board frame, the circuit board in the four sides of the screen arranged outside the infrared emission tube and infrared receiver tube one by one to form a vertical and horizontal cross the infrared matrix. Fingers touch the screen, it will block through the location of the vertical and horizontal two infrared, which can determine the touch point in the screen coordinates. Infrared Touch Screen Any non-transparent object can change the infrared on the contact to achieve touch operation.

Infrared touch screen is relative to the single-point infrared screen and virtual two-point infrared screen is the infrared touch screen is a technological innovation, its principle depends on the firmware of the software algorithm to solve the two points at the same time touch operation does not interfere with the problem The True two points and the difference between the two virtual performance in the high stability and rapid response, not jump, Infrared Touch Screen run point and other misuse.

Infrared touch screen is close to the screen before the close X, Y direction of the infrared matrix, through the non-stop scan whether the infrared object is blocked detection and positioning of the user's touch.

Infrared touch screen sub-plug-in and built-in two. The plug-in installation method is very simple, is the most convenient to install all the touch screen, as long as the plastic or double-sided adhesive can be fixed in front of the monitor can be.

Infrared touch screen technology features

The advantage of an infrared touch screen is that it can be touched with a finger, pen, or any object that blocks light.

Can be said to use on a flat panel display, infrared touch screen has a considerable advantage. Infrared detection technology using the same wavelength of infrared emission tube, infrared receiver tube (referred to as infrared tube) can get a simple infrared detection method:

As long as there is an object to block the infrared connection between the tube, the received signal on the sharp decline, so the infrared can detect the object of the block, Infrared Touch Screen in the anti-theft system, automatic sensor system, counter and other systems widely used.

Infrared if the application of short-range, according to the degree of attenuation of the received signal can also detect the degree of blocking, which is the so-called analog mode, the simulation method at the receiver using a dense receiver tube array, can also be used for imaging; to prevent interference, infrared detection Can be used pulse mode, that is, infrared emission tube to send a fixed frequency signal, Infrared Touch Screen and the receiver only to detect this frequency, pulse mode, anti-interference ability is very strong. Pulse mode If the signal is modulated at the operating frequency, it can also be used for digital communication, which is the famous infrared communication, home appliances remote control, computer infrared communication, and even today's fastest optical fiber communications, are due to this. Infrared communication on the human body has no effect, but also short launch distance without space pollution, today much pro-Lai. This chapter is intended to touch the screen, not fancy to the other, but from the family thriving, you can see the future of infrared touch screen ambitious.

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