Infrared Touch Screen

- Nov 28, 2016-

Early concepts, infrared touch screen resolution is low, the touch restrictions and vulnerability to environmental interference and malfunction of technical limitations, and once out of the market. After the second generation infrared screen partially solves the problem of resistance to light interference, third-and fourth-generation to improve resolution and can also improve the stability, but have no key indicators or performance on a qualitative leap forward. However, people familiar with touch-screen technology knows that infrared touch screen are not affected by the current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for harsh environmental conditions, is a touch-screen product development trends of infrared technology. Using acoustics and other materials for touch-screen technology has an insurmountable barrier, such as a single sensor damage, aging, the touch interface is polluted, destructive use, maintenance complex, and so on. Infrared touch screen can really achieve a high stability and high resolution, will substitute for other technology products as the touch screen market mainstream.

Past infrared touch screen resolution is determined by the frame numbers of the IR, so lower-resolution on the market mainly domestic product for 32x32, 40X32, another said IR sensitive to light, illumination is large miscalculation and even death. These domestic agents of foreign non-infrared touch screen sales information of the infrared screen vulnerability. Latest fifth-generation infrared screen depends on the resolution of infrared tube number, frequency and difference algorithms, resolution had reached 1000X720, and as for infrared screen under lighting conditions are stable, starting from the second-generation infrared touch screen, has been good to overcome the resistance to light interference this weakness.

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