Industry Trends Of Smart Board.

- Mar 13, 2019-

             Industry trends of smart board


News by AVC Revo,

1.The trend of PCAP Touch Technology is growing high.The average price of the meeting smart board rose by 1,000 yuan.

The meeting smart board was extended from the electronic whiteboard product, and the relative growth of the education market was mainly due to the fact that the conference tablet sales main body was biased towards retail, while the education market was more focused on centralized bidding.

Educational purchasers are relatively more value-oriented, while the price of conference flat-panel products is higher than the education market. For those companies that are “bloody and hard” in the education bidding market, the outbreak of the conference market is undoubtedly a big plus for changing the level of profit.

2.Infrared technology dominates the mainstream, capacitive touch technology

In 2018, China's conference flat-panel capacitor technology products were continuously listed. According to AVC Revo's research data, the conference flat-panel infrared technology products accounted for 94.6%, and the sales share decreased by 3 percentage points.

The electromagnetic touch technology has a high transmittance and high resolution, is responsive and has high recognition accuracy, but must rely on the electromagnetic pen during operation, and the market share accounts for only 0.2%.

Capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch, high precision, fast response, more durable (scratch resistant), relatively expensive, but the current price is slightly down, the yield is increasing, some companies can mass production, capacitive touch The market share of the controlled conference tablet reached 1.7%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points over the same period.

In order to meet the higher experience of customers, some domestic brands have launched dual touch screen products, such as infrared + electromagnetic, capacitor + electromagnetic technology products, the market share continues to grow, the proportion of sales accounted for 3.6%.

3.The trend of large-scale is obvious, customers should choose rational

In 2018, China's conference panel capacitor technology products are prominent in mainstream size, mainly 65-inch, 75-inch products. According to AVC Revo's research data, the 65-inch conference tablet product application took the first place with a market share of 38.2%; the 55-inch product share was 17.6%, ranking second. The largest increase was 86-inch and 75-inch products, which increased by 8.7 percentage points and 4.5 percentage points respectively, with a share of 17.3% and 15.4%.

The average conference room area in mainland China is 35m2, and the number of users is 10-20. The recommended number of market participants is 55 inches (<10 people), 65 inches (10-20 people), and 75 inches (20-30). People), 86 inches (> 30 people); from the market users to choose the size, although the product is a large-scale development trend, but on-demand rational purchase. The multi-scene application of the conference room, the conference room mainly uses 55-inch products, the small and medium-sized conference rooms are mainly 65-inch and 75-inch products, and the brainstorming room is mainly 55-inch and 65-inch products.

4.2019 development trend

In 2019, the mainland China Conference Tablet Market sold 329,000 units with a sales volume of 7.68 billion yuan.

Market channels are more biased towards retail entities, mainly affected by the continuous entry of home appliance brands, and the impact of user procurement on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Due to the abundant supply of upstream panel production lines, the promotion of production and technological innovation, and the increasing application of capacitive technology, the cost of flat panel machines in mainland China is declining.

The trend of large size continues to advance, and the future 86-inch products will exceed 65-inch and 55-inch products, becoming the market leading products.

said senior analyst Haiyan Zhen from AVC-Revo 

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