How To Deal With The Problem Of Commercial Advertising Touch Digital Signage

- Apr 14, 2020-

The commercial advertising touch digital signage industry has been popular in recent years, and there will be times when there are more people using it. Even though most of the faults can be solved through after-sales, it is cumbersome to assume that some small problems are solved through the after-sales process. At this time we learn more about the basic knowledge and maintenance skills of commercial advertising touch digital signages, so that we can quickly solve the problem. Generally, commercial advertising have the following problems:

 function touch digital signage

1: Blue screen of commercial advertising touch digital signage

Press the "POWER" key of the remote control to restart it. If it appears for a long time or lasts for a long time, please contact the supplier for maintenance.

2: The screen of the switch commercial advertising touch digital signage has interference noise

This situation is usually a normal phenomenon caused by the interference of the signal of the graphics card. We can solve it by automatically or manually adjusting the phase according to the prompt.

3: Black spot appears on the LCD

In general, we can first check whether the external force is squeezing, first see if the LCD panel is deformed, and the polarizer will press the display panel. The material of the polarizer is like aluminum foil, and the squeezing deformation will not recover by itself. When the reflective LCD panel is different, there will be a dark part. This part of the white screen is easy to find. The general size is more than a dozen square millimeters. There is a dollar coin size . Assuming that this problem will not affect the service life of the LCD screen, but it will affect the display effect, so we must pay more attention not to use your fingers on the screen.

4: No response when the commercial advertising touch digital signage is turned on

Because this problem is too common, it seems to be more clueless to investigate. We can try to open the back cover of the commercial advertising touch digital signage first, check its special power supply, whether the material is turned off or loose. Specific operation method: Use a multimeter to measure whether the indicator light can be lit. If it is normal, it means that the power supply is available. To rule out power supply problems, users should check the decoder board, advertising board driver, high voltage bar, speaker, LCD power supply in turn. Where there is no power supply, there is a problem with that accessory.

5: Advertisement is black

There are two cases of black screen. Assuming that there is no sound on the black screen, it may be that the touch digital signage is not powered. You can see the power indicator of the motherboard is not lit from the place of the card. Check whether the power is plugged in. Check whether the power switch in the touch digital signage is turned on. The POWER button is still not turned on when the power is on. If it is on, check the following method to check, assuming a black screen sound,

There are 3 possibilities:

A: The high voltage bar is disconnected from the screen or motherboard, just plug in the cable

B: Determine whether the high-voltage bar is damaged (you can see whether the backlight of the screen is bright from the place where the card is inserted), the high-voltage bar is broken, replace the high-voltage bar

C: The motherboard is broken. Check if the Cf card socket is bent or short circuited. You can remove the card to see if the screen can be turned on normally.

6: Serious flickering on the screen of commercial advertising player

There are three common points:

a: magnetic field interference

b: Power supply voltage stability

c: Monitor, graphics card driver problem, whether the high voltage bar connection is loose or bad contact.

Suggestion: When using advertising touch digital signage money, you must first understand the function and instructions for purchasing the product, and understand the type of touch digital signage you are buying.

7: The panel indicator flashes, but the LCD screen has no image

We first check whether the signal cables of the monitor and the computer are connected well. If there is no problem, then check whether the signal cables of the socket are broken or bent.

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