How To Choose The Size Of Teaching Touch Screen All In One

- Apr 15, 2020-

How to choose the size of teaching touch screen all in one?Now,let's show you how to select it.

1.Kindergarten can choose 55-inch teaching touch screen all in one . The number of people in each class of the kindergarten is basically not large, about 30-40 people, 55 inches is enough. The teaching touch all-in-one machine abandons the traditional blackboard and chalk, and eliminates the pollution of chalk dust, which is beneficial to the health of children. Together with the multimedia teaching software in the kindergarten, the teaching knowledge is spread in a variety of game modes, which is conducive to easy teaching by teachers and easy learning by students, greatly improving the teaching efficiency.


2.Primary and secondary schools can choose a 65-inch teaching touch screen all in one . The number of primary and secondary school classes is 40-50 people. Multimedia teaching touch screen all in one contains the characteristics of pictures, texts, sounds, and images. It can fully entrench students' enthusiasm for learning, stimulate students' memory, activate students' thinking and enhance students Imagination. In teaching, the teaching integrated machine can give full play to the initiative of the classroom in an unlimited amount.


3.As for the university, you can choose a 75-inch teaching touch screen all in one. The number of students in the university classroom is generally relatively large, generally more than 50 people, and the 70-inch large screen makes it easy for every student to see the screen clearly. The multimedia teaching touch all-in-one machine, in addition to easily avoiding the troubles of many of the above problems, can also easily build advanced, stylish, efficient, and high-level multimedia classrooms at low cost. Everyone knows that university classes are dull, the classroom atmosphere is not high, and students basically do their own thing. The application of the teaching touch screen all in one, with pictures and texts, displaying content at any time, multimedia playback, and strong human-computer interaction, can effectively improve students' enthusiasm for learning and help improve teaching efficiency.

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