How To Choose An Interactive Touch Display

- Apr 28, 2020-

With the advent and continuous development of the touch era, the development of interactive touch display has become more and more extensive. It has been applied in many fields such as hospitals, banks, enterprises, communities, business halls, etc., which has changed people's lifestyles and provided us with many Efficient and convenient service and help.


For many novice consumers, they do not understand the interactive touch display, and many users do not know how to buy touch display. So how do we choose a good quality and satisfactory interactive touch display? It can be roughly considered from the four aspects of Built-in OPS/computer, TV, touch, and somatosensory.

 interactive touch mmonitor

Built-in OPS/ computer of interactive touch display

The performance of the computer is closely related to the level of the configuration. The host configuration of the Huizhou U-touch computer and TV all uses high-quality computer accessories. The high-quality accessories provided by well-known suppliers have stable performance, fast operation speed, and fast processing speed. In addition to all the functions of the software, there are also various software functions such as interactive whiteboards, electronic inquiries, and information release;


TV of Interactive touch display:

Built-in TV module, one-button switching, you can watch TV programs at any time, with industrial-grade LED LCD screen, 1920 * 1080 HD resolution, clear picture and true color;


Touch of interactive touch display:

Using the world's most advanced and cost-effective touch technology is the multi-point infrared touch screen technology, which can easily achieve no delay and sensitive response. Easily implement functions such as handwritten text, drawing, and annotation, use smooth, stable and reliable.


Somatosensory of interactive touch display:

Computer operation can be induced by external infrared light to sense the human body, using touch screen instead of traditional mouse and keyboard to play various touch games, different sensing settings can produce different touch operations, and can also be connected through the limb through the connection handle Action to sense operation.

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