Global Interactive Whiteboard Market Outlook, Trend And Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Insights, Actionable Segmentation And Forecast 2019 To 2025

- Jun 19, 2019-

Global Interactive Whiteboard Market Outlook, Trend and Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Insights, Actionable Segmentation and Forecast 2019 to 2025


The global interactive whiteboard market is expected to witness a CAGR of 7.4% from 2019 to 2025 to reach 2,540 million by the year 2025. Advancements in whiteboard technology and increasing demand for digital platforms in professional environment is expected drive the market growth over the forecast period. Additionally, increasing investments by major companies to develop nascent technologies to gain a competitive edge is expected to propel the market growth in the coming years.

The evolution of business and education environment has paved the way for new technologies in the traditional whiteboard market. Digitization of conventional whiteboards using projectors and sensory equipment has gained fast traction in the past few years. However, the advent of touchboards (touchscreen whiteboards) is expected to drive the market growth in the coming years. The market for touchscreen whiteboards is likely to be dominated by major players like Google Inc. and Microsoft.

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Education segment: anticipated to hold the largest share during 2019 to 2025

By application, the education segment held the largest share of the market in the year 2018. The major factor driving the growth of this segment is increasing demand from the education sector for a dynamic learning environment. Developed countries in North America and Europe have readily adopted interactive whiteboards to promote teaching in a comprehensive manner and to increase interactions in a classroom. Moreover, developing economies in Asia Pacific region, for instance China and Japan, are expected to incorporate interactive whiteboard as a dynamic tool in their educational system at a rapid rate.

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 By region, the interactive whiteboard market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Rest of the World (RoW). Asia Pacific is anticipated to register the fastest CAGR over the forecast period. APAC exhibits immense growth potential owing to the huge target demographic of this region. Moreover, evolving education sector has resulted in incorporation of new whiteboard technologies, consequently, teachers are able to design a more comprehensive and interactive education plan for their students. Additionally, conglomerates and major companies adopting and implementing the latest whiteboard technology in their office setting to enhance efficiency and productivity is also expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. Manufacturers offer portability, real time communication and innovative handwriting recognition as key features to attract its targeted demographic in this region.

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The research and analysis are based on data and information obtained from various primary and secondary sources. The data obtained is validated by interacting with the companies of the concerned domain. The steps involved in the research methodology are:

  Obtaining historical data of the market based on news, articles, publications, annual reports, white papers, and other secondary sources.

  Interacting with key opinion leaders of the market and developing data points.

  Study of past trends in the market and their year on year impact on the market size and share.

  Analyzing the collected data points.

  Bridging the data points to calculate the total interactive whiteboard market and its various segments.

  Anticipating potential risks

  Analyzing market forces such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities to assess new growth areas for the interactive whiteboard

  Finalizing the overall size and share for the global interactive whiteboard

The years used for the assessment are as follows:

  Historical years: 2015 to 2017

  Base year: 2018

  Forecast period: 2019 to2025


  To classify the global interactive whiteboard market into segments by technology, screen size, video resolution, projection technique, connectivity, price, application, and region and analyze their growth prospects individually.

  To analyze market trends, opportunities, drivers and restraints associated with the interactive whiteboard market.

   Profiling key companies operating in the global interactive whiteboard market.

   To study market response with respect to the mergers and acquisitions in the industry.



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