Features ,Advantage,disadvantage And Structure Of Infrared Touch Screen Frame

- Feb 20, 2020-

Infrared touch features:

Multi-touch, fast sensing, stable performance, driver-free, plug and play, support windows \ android \ Mac \ linux system platform, size can be customized.

IR touch frame 1

Working theory:

An infrared touch screen is an electronic device that uses infrared matrices densely distributed in the X and Y directions to detect and locate human touch gestures.

Infrared touch

Advantage,disadvantage and structure of infrared touch frame:

The advantage of the infrared touch screen is that it can be touched with a finger, a pen, or any object that can block light, and it has a cost advantage over other technology-based touch screens. The disadvantage of the infrared touch screen is that the upper surface of the selection of the display screen can only be flat, and the structure above the surface has a few millimeters of deep steps, which acts on the plane scanned by the infrared light.

infrared touch overlay touch screen fraem

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