Face Recognition Infrared Thermography Introduction And Application Areas

- May 06, 2020-

Intelligent Face recognition infrared thermography is a kind of biometrics recognition technology based on human facial feature information. Its uniqueness and good characteristics that are not easy to be copied provide the necessary premise for identity authentication. The current temperature of the pedestrian is also a prerequisite for whether to open the gate. The face recognition pedestrian channel gate system is a combination of face recognition technology and the pedestrian channel system, through the recognition of the face as the key to open the pedestrian channel. It not only eliminates the trouble of forgetting to bring a key or card, but also saves a lot of costs because the face recognition pedestrian passage gate system does not need any medium to open the door, such as personnel changes do not need to replace the IC card, etc., only need to re-enter the person The face information can be registered; the face recognition pedestrian channel gate system has been more convenient than the IC card of "recognizing the card but not the person" due to its simple, safe, convenient, intelligent, and can be used indoor or outdoor With advantages. In recent years, face recognition technology has been widely used in public security, customs, finance, military, airports, enterprises and other fields. An expert further pointed out that the era of full application of face recognition has arrived, and he will become an important technology that facilitates people's daily lives.


The Face recognition infrared thermography adopts the international advanced neural network algorithm (CNN), which is a product formed after tens of millions of algorithm trainings and integrates functions such as image acquisition, face detection, face tracking and face comparison. , Not only high recognition rate but also fast recognition speed. The offline dynamic portrait recognition machine does not require pedestrians to cooperate with direct recognition, and does not require computer control. Pedestrians can also be recognized in motion, which greatly improves the ease of use of portrait recognition. The product can be applied to any channel gates (three roller gates, wing gates, swing gates, speed gates, etc.), access control and advertising gates that are generally available in the market, and can directly output gate opening signals and Wiegand signals; , Residential area access control, school entrance and exit, barrier gate passage, office building, subway, airport, high-speed rail and other scenes.

At present, the most entrances and exits of residential areas and factories are swipe card verification methods. There are often problems with no cards. Face recognition technology is applied to the entrance and exit gate system, which is a safer method of identity verification. The camera can be applied to the access control system, which has the advantages of high recognition rate, fast recognition speed, and adaptability to high and low temperature harsh environments. After the face comparison is successful, the camera can directly output the switch signal to the gate, access control, advertising door and other equipment to complete the door opening action.

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