Determined Factors For The Price Of Interactive Touch Screen

- Apr 27, 2020-

What determines the price of the inquiry touch screen? Why are there so many differences price for the same size?


At present, there are many brands of interactive touch screen on the market, and if they are compared in appearance, they are basically the same. But when you look at the price, you will find that there are many differences. Even for the two touch screen with the same parameters and the same size, there is a lot of difference between their prices. What is the reason to cause the difference price of interactive touch screen? 

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1. Types of touch screen

The touch screen of the touch one machine can be divided into four types: infrared touch screen, capacitive touch screen, nano touch screen. Common ones are infrared screens and capacitive screens. The price of infrared is much lower than that of capacitors, and the price is high. The current usage rate of nano touch is not high, and it is generally a customized product. Take the interactive touch screen as an example, the same size of 49-inch screens which adopts different touch technology ,infrared and capacitance, and the price may differ by about 2,000 yuan. If the customer customizes the nano touch screen, the price will be even higher.


2. Types of LCD screen

At present, mainstream commercial LCD display brands are LG, Samsung, Sharp, BOE, etc., which have maintained a good market reputation in the market. The brand of the LCD screen used by Huizhou U-touch's interactive touch screen is LGD / SDC / BOE / AUO, etc.. Some businesses in the market use second-hand screens for replacement, resulting in a greatly shortened service life.

So, it is better to choose branded product


3. Machine system configuration

The configuration of the main unit of the interactive touch screen is also an important factor affecting the price. There are currently two systems :Android system and a Windows system. In the case of the same screen size, the Android system is relatively cheaper than the Windows system, and the cost performance is higher. For Windows systems, the specific CPU, memory, and hard disk are different, and the price is also very different.


4. Screen size and style

Devices with larger screen sizes are often more expensive. It is not only the price of the screen increases, but also the screen size becomes larger, and many performances of the device will occur. Like 32 inch and 65 inch machines, there are many changes in power consumption performance, so many accessories need to be upgraded, so higher prices are normal. If it is a customized machine, it is necessary to separately mold the appearance and interior structure, so the price will be much higher.


 5. Expanded functions

Whether there is a camera, external QR code scanning module, fingerprint recognition module, etc., will also affect the price of interactive touch screen.  The materials of mobile stand  also will affect the prices.


It is recommended that when you buy An interactive touch screen, you must confirm the use environment and needs, and choose the appropriate screen size and system configuration to meet your needs.

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