Daily Maintenance Method Of Interactive Touch Flat Panel

- Jan 31, 2020-

Maintainance tips of  interactive touch flat panel

  1. Daily maintenance of USB cable

The power supply and touch report of the infrared touch screen are input by the USB cable, which is very important for the touch all-in-one. It can be said that the lifeline is touched. If the USB cable is frequently pulled out, it will cause damage to the socket and loosen it, causing the touch to fail completely. Do not unplug the USB cable frequently.

2. Switching on and off the touch all-in-one

The switch sequence of the touch all-in-one is fixed. The sequence of turning on is the display, audio, and host. When the power is off, the power sequence is the reverse of the power-on sequence. It is worthwhile to use a lot of temporary files on the hard disk during the use. Otherwise, it will cause a hard disk error.

3. Touch driver

Do not install two or more touch drivers. Installing two or more may cause conflicts and prevent normal use.

4.Do not squeeze the display case to the touch area

Don't squeeze the display case to the touch area, otherwise the mouse will always be at a certain point on the four sides of the display.

5.Keep clean

If it is not cleaned frequently, the touch screen will be covered with a lot of dust and the touch performance will be reduced. When cleaning the screen surface, wipe it with a soft cloth (deerskin) dipped in alcohol or glass cleaner. For the dust between the touchscreen front cover and the gap between the touchscreen, you can use a thin strip of business card or bank card sleeve to carefully clean it.

Interactive touch flat panel all in one touch screen

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