Common Problems About Infrared Multi-touch Screen:

- Apr 10, 2020-

1. The infrared multi-touch screen does not respond to touch?

① In the connection of the touch screen, the power cord to draw power from the keyboard port is not connected, please check the connection;

② The serial port number selected during the driver installation of the touch screen does not correspond to the serial port number actually connected to the touch screen;

③ The touch screen driver is not installed correctly, please install the latest driver;

④There is a conflict between the device and the serial port resource in the host, please check each hardware device and adjust, or reinstall the system;

⑤ After using the touch screen for a period of time, the dust or scale accumulated around it is very serious, which makes the touch screen unable to work;

⑥ The touch screen is damaged.


2. Infrared multi-touch screen touch jumps randomly?

①Understand the material of the touch surface of the touch screen. If it is a plastic shell touch screen, it is likely that the circuit board is up;

② This phenomenon will also occur on the uneven corners of the plexiglass circuit board;

③ Due to the surface area of the touch screen or the aging of the touch screen itself, the energy is abnormal;

④If it is a ps2 touch screen, this situation will also occur when the control card is broken. Find a good control card and replace it to test.


3. The infrared multi-touch screen works unstable?

① Check whether the wiring interface is loose, whether there is conflict between the serial port and the interrupt number;

② In this case, the touch screen may be flooded.


4. The infrared multi-touch screen has a long response time?

① There may be moving water droplets or a lot of dust on the touch screen, please wipe it with a dry soft cloth;

② It may be that the host is too low and the clock frequency is too low. Please replace the host.


5. How to solve the infrared multi-touch screen double-click is not sensitive?

Open the infrared screen calibration program to adjust its sensitivity and lower the sensitivity. Let the supplier provide software debugging.

6. The infrared multi-touch screen is not accurate?

Run the calibration procedure and calibrate the touch screen again.


7. How to calibrate the infrared multi-touch screen?

Use the "tablet PC" calibration or calibration software under the system item

8. Under what circumstances do I need to calibrate the infrared multi-touch screen again?

① Change the display resolution;

②Replace the touch screen;

③Replace the computer host \ set-top box or display;

④After erasing dust.


9. Incorrect positioning of infrared multi-touch screen?

① The extension method and distance of the touch screen will affect the inaccurate positioning of the touch screen;

② Ps2 port touch screen: understand what system and control card the customer is using, whether the dial code is correct, whether the system mouse is set correctly, and whether the port position on the touch screen is correct;

③Usb touch screen: Whether the touch screen driver is installed and calibrated correctly. If you are using a vertical screen, check whether the xy axis coordinates are swapped in the driver.


10. Why does the mouse move automatically when no one clicks on the touch screen?

It may be that the touch screen is pressed by external force, or the optical mouse is connected to the computer host \ set-top box.


11. How to observe the signal indicator on the touch screen?

① Observe the touch screen signal indicator light, which is normally off. When the screen is touched, the signal light is on. After the touch is stopped, the signal light returns to the off state;

②If the signal light is still on when it is not touched, first check whether the touch screen needs cleaning;

③If the signal light is not on, check whether the touch screen connection is well connected, or the touch screen is damaged.


12. Does the mouse move in the opposite direction of the hand touch?

This is the reverse orientation of the touch screen and the screen. Please adjust the direction. For the PS / 2 interface touch screen, the screen outlet is in the lower left corner when the screen is horizontal, and the screen outlet is in the upper right corner when portrait. 13. Can the touch screen be touched but not handwritten?

①Usb and com port touch screen: modify the touch and drag mode in the driver;

②Ps2 port touch screen: check whether the control card supports handwriting and the dial code of the control card is correct.


14. How long can the serial cable (touch screen to PC) be?

The serial line can theoretically be infinitely long, so the distance from the touch screen to the PC is mainly determined by the length of the signal cable of the display;

The serial line and signal cable must be customized or made by the customer.


15. How to maintain infrared multi-touch screen?

① Clean the touch screen glass and the dust around the glass regularly;

②Do not put the common type touch screen in the field all the year round. Long-term sun and rain will cause the corrosion of the touch screen metal shell. Only the special type touch screen is specially designed for the outdoor environment;

③ Do not knock the touch screen with metal objects, it is easy to cause the glass to break;

④Do not place heavy objects on the touch screen, otherwise the touch screen may be crushed and affect the use;

⑤ Do not easily open the touch screen casing to avoid damage to the circuit; if you encounter problems, please contact the manufacturer.

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